26295 Mace Blvd just north of I-80, next to Mace Park & Ride Lot
Spring/summer: Daily 9am-7pm
Fall/winter: Daily 9am-6pm
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Glen and Steve Ikeda

View from halfway up Mace overpass 2005-10-08 At dusk

Ikedas California Country Market offers fresh produce, pies, various condiments, and numerous goodies. They are slightly more expensive than Pedrick Produce, but their proximity makes them more attractive to people living in South or East Davis, or people returning to Davis from Sacramento. It's hard to walk out of there without a purchase, as many items are tempting.

They typically have at least 20 different types of spreads, sauces, and dips to sample from. The peach and mango salsas are recommended.

They have recently started carrying ice cream from the Davis Creamery (spotted in early December 2012).

The original Ikedas in Auburn sells many of the same things, as well as delicious hamburgers. Ikedas had a third location in Sacramento for about two years but it closed in 2003. According a 2001 Davis Enterprise article and from talking to the people who work there, they hope to expand the Davis location in the future and it may also include a burger bar. The idea was floated again in December 2010. The problem is that the 5-acre property is currently zoned for agriculture, so a zoning change would be required in order to open up a restaurant and expand. Ikedas is outside of Davis' city limits, but it falls inside of Davis' sphere of influence; Davis pays Yolo County for the right to control land-use decisions within the sphere. So, either both the county and the city have to agree to the zoning change, or the county has to be willing to forfeit the money that Davis pays it. At a City Council meeting in December, the decision was made to study further the effects on local businesses and on government revenues. One concern is that if Ikedas did not succeed, other, less desirable restaurants might replace it, e.g., chain restaurants. Others think that an expanded Ikedas might help, not hurt, surrounding businesses; as for government income, the county might be willing to share sales tax with the city. source.

It used to be that not much surrounded Ikedas, giving the impression of a farm stand on the edge of a field, but now there is the nearby hulking East Area Water Tank.


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2005-08-07 15:20:35   Great pies here (Dutch Apple!). They also may be the only place in Davis that offers Merlino's Freezes. Anyone know of others? —KevinChin

2005-09-13 22:53:33   I love coming here for their produce and sundry other items like edamame and FatCat scones. And Kev, we were mistaken — their fruit freezes are their own, not Merlino's. —LillianChow

2005-09-25 23:58:26   Oh, and since I noticed other people asking, Ikeda's also sells most of the Mikawaya mochi ice cream varieties. —KevinChin

2005-09-30 13:27:14   I bought apples there that had worms in them.. I don't know if their produce is treated well with chemicals but it's something to be mindful of when buying there or from any produce stand —JjDeng

2005-12-16 22:38:06   yeah, that's a good thing to keep in mind when you are buying produce from anywhere JJdeng. If you want sterile produce go to Safeway —DudeNude

2006-12-29 00:21:14   The parking lot is an unpaved gravel area. Drive slowly to protect your car. Tasty pies, but pricy. Day old pies are half off, but still tasty. —JohnWong

2007-07-23 14:05:04   Lost keys there and i asked to use phone they did not let me i am disabled so i feel disappointed, Thank god for the other fruit stand friendly and much better fruit —dickjones

2008-01-18 10:36:20   This place has a lot of goodies like dried figs, candied popcorn, spicy pistachios, but not only that, they have the best vegetarian tamales. I bought a bunch and put them in my freezer and took some to work every day this week. Now I am running out. I must go back and get more. —CalamityJanie

2008-05-14 16:30:31   i DO NOT recommend their "tamales". for anyone that KNOWS what a tamale is SUPPOSE to taste like, or for anyone that has an ounce of an ethnic palate then save yourself from this horrible experience. ikeda's tamales are a disgrace! disgusting and expensive!

life is too short to eat bad food —shigella

  • 2012-05-20 08:44:32   Because authenticity defines good food. If you want authentic, go ask su abuela. —KBathory

2008-09-11 08:24:53   does anyone know if ikedas produce is unsprayed? or how sprayed it is? hard to find organic, local produce around here.. —Lala

  • 2008-09-11 09:57:45   Lala, the easiest way to get local, organic produce is via the farmer's market. The Davis co-op is another obvious choice. Cheers! —BarryRice

2009-01-14 23:05:54   Their MANGO SHMEAR is really good! I highly recommend that for people with a sweet tooth. I especially like going through their samples of salsas, shmears, dressing and marinades before I buy them. Their "buy four get one free" gets me everytime. —KimN.

2009-08-18 17:56:05   Hey, Shigella! So, tell me how you got to be tamale expert of the world! You do realize that tamal take many forms and flavors, don't you? Or perhaps your inability to articulate, or punctuate, speaks louder than your moronic commentary ever could. Folks, don't listen to this undereducated, over-opinionated dolt. Ikeda's tamales are tasty and wholesome. —modelguy

2009-08-28 13:52:44   Produce and service are excellent. Pies are to die for! The fruit freezes hit the spot in the summer time. Great dressings and sauces. Love it! —toriac

2010-02-22 15:45:20   what's with that huge thing they're building next to Ikedas? You know, the concrete cylinder!? —JohnDudek

2010-03-23 10:24:19   I love Ikeda's tamales and white chocolate chunk cookies!!! Could eat them every day. So yummy!!! —BrendaL

2011-01-10 19:21:59   their chicken pot pies are good, but you should keep them in about twice as long as they say otherwise your pie will still be cold in the center. Please consider revising your instructions on them because they are totally insufficient, but they are very good —ChrisDietrich

    2011-04-30 21:32:15   Chris I agree. I thought it was my oven! They take about 2 hours to bake or more defrosting is needed. With that said their pot pies are awesome! —Sherri

    Same experience here — it needs more time than the package says, although I am still trying to work out the best amount of time for my oven. The one hour defrost listed on the package is nowhere near enough, either. Agree, too, that the pot pies are very good. I'd like to see them add other savory pies to their repertoire. —CovertProfessor

      I'm going to have to stop off and get one, I love chicken pot pie. How large are they? The Costco ones (fresh made near the Deli, not the frozen crap) are delicious, but they're freakishly large. —TomGarberson

        Not freakishly large, I'd say. They are 6" in diameter. My partner and I finish off the pie together. We're reasonably large eaters; each of us could probably eat the whole pie, but we restrain ourselves. Half the pie does nicely. —CovertProfessor

2011-11-12 12:40:28   Do they sell flavored honey sticks here? —AlexandraS

2012-01-19 22:17:38   I checked out Ikedas for the first time a couple weeks ago. I usually stop off at Yolo Fruit Stand on my way home from work, or cruise over to Pedrick's from home. I got there just a few minutes before 6, and they were already starting to take in stuff from out front. The guy told me that I was free to shop there "until the doors close," but was a little surly about it. The place is a bit smaller and has a much more limited selection than the other fruit stand options. The prices also seemed quite a bit higher—I'd guess because of the proximity to town. At either of the options outside town, I can generally get a large box of produce for around $20. At Ikedas, I ended up spending $13 and change for a few ingredients. Prices seemed roughly comparable to the supermarkets in town, although produce quality is generally better.

I don't really see a reason to come to Ikedas unless you happen to live nearby. If you want to actually go to a produce place, check out Yolo or Pedrick's. They've generally got better selection, better prices, and comparable produce. —TomGarberson

2012-06-30 18:24:03   Love this place. I've been getting the Capay CSA box for the past two years so I have come in very infrequently in that time. Stopped in the other day and felt a crazy wave of nostalgia for days spent browsing the delicious aisles after fresh produce for my next great recipe. This place just makes you want to eat well (and fairly cheaply). The cashiers are almost always super nice and friendly and the dressings and other food are pretty great too. Can't wait to try to chicken pot pie. —chuckgirl