1805 E. 8th Street across from Davis Manor shopping area
Office Hours
(this is a small complex, so no)
(530)see Party and Vac
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Ikkyu Apartments is located in East Davis across from Davis Manor shopping area. The apartment complex looks like an old motel, with a parking area (one car for each unit), and a kiddie pool shaped front lawn. There are about 12 two bedroom units. Mine is inhabited by cockroaches, so I'm guessing others are too. The manager (not the owner) works at Party and Vac (aka The Party Store).

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2006-06-15 16:12:44   Its a kiddie pool shape because it used to be a pool. Too bad "they" filled it in, it was neat. —MyaBrn