On May 1st 2007 a game of Illegal Immigration Capture the Flag was planned for the quad by the Davis College Republicans, but was never held due to protesters preventing it from going on.


  1. Team Illegal Immigrants must outnumber Team INS

  2. Team INS must play with their hands tied behind their backs

  3. Team INS plays defense the whole game

  4. "Amnesty" will be granted to all tagged members of Team Illegal Immigrants every 10 minutes

  5. All other rules apply only to Team INS

Media Coverage


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2007-05-09 00:49:19   We let DCR win, they got the reaction they were looking for. —GregWebb

2007-05-09 04:14:45   I don't get the sense that they felt like they won. —DavidGreenwald

2007-05-09 08:18:31   It has always been a DCR tradition to do things like this in order to dominate headlines to get their message out and in the open. Despite being outnumbered by the marchers 50 to 1 they were able to equal space in the Aggie for their event. So, in this respect they have won in the short run. Their main problem is going to be to try to convince the campus in the long run of their policy ideals. So perhaps this little game can spawn debates and forums. —SteveOstrowski

2007-05-09 09:07:57   I think the main protest dominated the headlines, not the DCR action. —DavidGreenwald

The media sources above our comments would seem to suggest that they received disproportional press on their side due to these kinds of events. When you are a minority perspective there is a greater tendency to use unorthodoxed ways of expression. Personally, I saw more disturbing things inside the march then anything DCR did. —SteveOstrowski

2007-05-09 11:48:19   The march seemed pretty orderly to me. And you were right next to me, so I'm not sure what you could have seen differently. —JoseBleckman

2007-05-09 13:45:45   It's not a matter of order, it's a matter of content and action. —SteveOstrowski

So, what actions or content were disturbing to you I guess is the question? ~DavidPoole

The list would be so long. Disrespect towards the police, promotion of civil disobedience, an almost militant philosophy on getting what they wanted, Marxist themes, anti-Israeli speeches, and high amounts of antagonism towards the university administration. There was also some inappropriate and factually incorrect speeches and signs throughout the march as well as a really unprofessional way of going about things. —SteveOstrowski

    • steve, i would like to understand your perspective more. if you could answer these many questions:

      police related - why are you only choosing to say people were antagonistic towards the police and make no mention of how people went up and thanked and commended the police? what did people do that was disrespectful towards the police? what have the police in the us, here at davis, etc. done that would result in people having negative feelings towards them?

      civil disobedience related - why do you find the promotion of civil disobedience to be a bad thing?

      militancy - what is wrong with knowing what you want and trying to get it?

      marxist themes - what marxist themes were mentioned? and why are marxist themes bad?

      could you be more specific in what was said in regards to israel?

      what was said that was antagonistic towards the administration? why do you think these statements were/would have been made?

      what inappropriate speeches? how were they factually incorrect?

      i also want to say that when i saw you the other day and asked you your thoughts about the may 1 rally, the only thing you mentioned was that there were too many issues. even tho you'd read the wiki page you still didn't have an understanding for why immigration and the war in iraq were included. when i ran into you at the rally you said you didn't care to know why we were out there. you also didn't care to get into a discussion about the issues. joseph was there so you both can correct me if this depiction was inaccurate. it would be cool to know that people who want to criticize the rally are at least willing to engage in discussion not only to make future rallies better, but also to make sure that the facts are straight. but here we are now. better late than never. peace yo. —JessicaRockwell

    • Well, you caught me off guard and I wasn't in a position to give you clear answers, because I wasn't sure about you and my answers have a tendency of changing based on whom I am talking to. I have made blog entries on this subject on livejournal. I am not the kind of person that generally confronts people or protests like DCR did, there are other ways to go about things. My purpose in the march was not to protest it or engage in what was going on. I merely wished to observe it with a camera. My argument is not with the march or their causes. My argument is with ASUCD and the ASUCD officials who were in the march, not the others in the march. I have no problem with the normal citizens who have strong feelings on these matters. As long as I focus on the important things I will not be distracted. I fear that if you really knew what I was up to the dialogue and this discussion would turn south rather quickly. —SteveOstrowski
  • I dunno. Everyone seemed to treat the police fairly. The feelings I picked up were that the police were viewed as being very respectful. I'd say it was also more confident than it was militant. And protestors need confidence in order to hold their ground when working for what they believe in. —JoseBleckman
  • Steve's flat out wrong about that. The mass majority of people were quite vocal about their appreciation of the police. It was an organized event, the police responded so positively so. Rob Roy made a post on the page about it, and I think the highest honors have to be given from the Vanguard which is known to be very critical with it's post.

    I'd also like to hear what Steve has to say about why what happened (oh no, protest!) is really a negative thing. To quote the Vanguard, "For all the times that we have criticized the Davis Police Department on these pages, this was an incident in which they deserve praise and appreciation. As I made my way through the event, I spoke first to Lt. Dorothy Pearson and then to the new Chief himself, Landy Black. In both cases, they downplayed the significance of their actions. Telling me that this was their job. Chief Black spoke about the importance of the right to protest as being a centerpiece of a Democratic society and I could not agree more." Seems like the Chief of Police approved of how it went down. Like I said, I think everyone was happy - the protestors behaved, so did the police. It was a very positive interaction, especially when compared to what went down elsewhere. But then again, Steve seems the type to think everything should be ruled with an iron fist, and if not, hide the truth cause it's for the better good! (re: "Silence Them" - about the racist midterm taker.) (oh well, very democratic nonetheless. Anyway, I think a grain of salt and a bottle of tequila helps. I tend to 'lol' a lot when reading his stuff. -ES

  • From my view of the march, because I was in the middle, there were a lot of insults thrown at the police as they were arresting the protestors and I found it to be rather unacceptable, but then again I was in one section of the march where it occured. Civil disobediance should not be encouraged because you are not playing by the rules and using force rather than ideas. It was disruptive to a lot of students and I don't think ASUCD officials should have been involved in an event where civil disobediance was encouraged, planed, and executed. There are times when it is acceptable morally when the government is oppressive, but why should the city of Davis have to suffer because some Sodexho workers are having arguments with their employees. Militancy is again bad because you are using force and destructive and counter productive behavior to try to get your way. Marxism was used as a slogan throughout the march and it is bad in it of itself without me needing to talk about how it is bad. And as for the administration I just thought the march was counter productive in trying to change their minds. You think you can put pressure on them by embarrasing them but now there will be pressure on the other side for the Chancellor to stand firm against a civil disobediant, militant, Marxist mob. What is acceptable in the bubble of Davis will not be considered good sense outside of Davis. You guys can protest whatever you want but consider the image of your march and how opposing forces can use this march to their advantage. This subject is too large for the Davis Wiki. I have made some blog entries on the subject but I can give short responses. —SteveOstrowski

2007-05-09 22:17:47   This seems like a good activity, except that the INS does not exist anymore. They changed their name to US Citizen and Immigration Service when they moved from the Department of Justice to the Department of Homeland Security. I think their motto now, "Securing America's Promise", is a bad sign for the future of this country. Whatever "promise" the USA may have (not America, which is mostly not under the control of this organization, being separate countries), it will not be helped by "security". —NickSchmalenberger

2007-05-09 22:19:20   I just hope whoever replaces Bush cleans up the massive organizational mess that is the DHS. There needs to be a revert function for government! —WilliamLewis

2007-05-09 22:42:04   Like a revert to version 1? ;) —DavidGrundler