This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Inside In The Zone

1801 Hanover Drive #C , Northeast of Anderson Plaza near Suds Laundromat
Closed Monday
Tue-Thurs: Noon-10pm
Friday-Saturday: Noon-10PM
Sun: Noon-10PM
(530) 792-8869
In The Zone Cyber Cafe LLC; Sonny Garcia, partner

In the Zone Cyber Cafe is an internet cafe with 8 high-speed quad-core Powerhouse PCs, an Xbox, a snack bar, and a few high-tech items for sale. The computers can be used for internet browsing, productivity programs, and PC gaming. It costs $6/hour to use a computer. The network and internet connections are fast, so latency is less of an issue for gamers. The facility is also available to host parties, LAN, and other events.

As of March 2008, they offer this deal for new all customers: Use their high-speed computers for 30 minutes FREE. Valid photo-ID required.


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Question: Is the promotion for Videogamers or all gamers (including the "roll a d12" kind)?

2008-03-18 18:52:37   Is the placed closed for UCD finals week? I tried going there today (Tuesday 3/18) but it was closed... —AnthonyLam

2008-03-22 17:51:46   I dropped by today and looked inside - all the computers are gone. Even the drinks are gone. LCD monitors, keyboards, etc. are all removed. Sebastion if you're reading this - are you shutting this place down?