Planned Operation
Shelter operations run from late November until Mid-March. Check website for details.
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The Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter of Davis is a community-based interfaith effort enabling member congregations to provide cold-weather shelter and hospitality on a rotating basis to persons who are homeless in the Davis community.

How the Program Works

  • Congregations sign up for 1 or more week(s) and serve as host sites for rotating winter shelter.
  • Maximum capacity per night is either 25 or 40 depending on the congregation host site (in case of fire).
  • Trained volunteers at a separate Intake Center carefully screen guests (behavioral assessment)
  • Guests who pass the screening are then transported to host congregations by shelter volunteer drivers.
  • Congregations provide a warm welcome, supper, and a dry place to sleep
  • Next morning: Guests do chores and shelter volunteer drivers transport Guests to either the Intake Center or Jack In The Box
  • Number of Guests: 10-25 (possibly higher during extreme weather)
  • The Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter provides client screening, overnight staff, training, transportation to and from congregations, insurance, and much more. We need congregations to partner with!


The Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter (IRWS) started as the Interfaith Homeless Task Force in 2005 in an attempt to address the challenges facing Davis's homeless during the cold and wet winter months. Over the years representatives from many organizations (see below) have worked with IRWS.

The shelter had been the subject of complains by neighbors and the issue went all the way to the City Council. It was resolved at the January 12th 2010 meeting.



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