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1220 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building
1303 Hart Hall (Undergrad)
Office Hours
(Please fill in administrative office hours)
(530) 754-4424
(530) 752-4361
Web site

The International Agricultural Development (also known as IAD) is a graduate group putting together soil scientists, agriculturalists, community development, engineering, economics and anything vaguely related to international development and agriculture in developing countries. IAD students are generally getting a master's degree although sometimes they get a masters in IAD and a PhD elsewhere.

You can get a bachelor's degree in IAD. The program is very small, with only ten or twenty undergrads in a given year in the department. Here's the link for the undergraduate website.


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2012-03-03 12:48:32   Undergrads in IAD are kind of on their own, we can go to the plant science advisor but for the most part you pick your own classes and kind of make the major what you want it to be. And we're definitely not all hippies, we've got lots of science people and sociology peeps too. Check out the facebook group! —AnBan