This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


was replaced by Huong Lan Sandwiches

213 E St - Suite A
11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 7 days a week
Maya Sherpa
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Credit Cards

International Bistro was a quirky, new bistro serving international food. It was the only Indian/ Nepali/Vietnamese restaurant in Davis. True to its name, the bistro's eclectic menu, staff, and decoration combined to form an ambiance decidedly different from anything else in town. The menu items include sandwiches, soup, curries, pasta, coffee from Nepal, and various grilled/roasted/barbecue items. Vegetarian options were also available. When you ordered something spicy you had to be prepared for something spicy. The prices are a little bit more reasonable than most downtown restaurants. You could also create your own juice, made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables (i.e. kale, apple, spinach, ginger, celery, lemon, carrot, watermelon). They served wine and had a selection of Indian beer

This restaurant did not last very long (a few months?) and was replaced by Huong Lan Sandwiches. The location was previously occupied by Luigi's, Blue Elephant and Discoveries


The menu is a 20 page spiral bound book + an additional page of daily specials. It's a little difficult to navigate, but if you're patient and ask the right questions, satiated you may become.


From the front Check out this amazing Sherpa Grill Chicken! Its opening time!


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2012-11-08 22:24:17   Had the Sherpa Noodle Soup and Chicken Tikka Masala tonight. The Sherpa Noodles were too spicy for the GF, but I really liked them. While it was painfully hot, it had these delicious chunks of tandori chicken and a really unique/flavorful broth. The chicken tikka was different than the others in town with a much more concentrated sun dried tomato flavor to it. I ordered it spicy and it came out spicy, probably too spicy for most, but I was pretty satisfied. Naan was good too. Prices were pretty low and portions were normal to small. Looking forward to trying the other 29 pages of their menu. Also, they gave me this chutney while I waited that was really good, but also really spicy. —MikeyCrews

2012-11-14 18:34:21   They had a student special on their opening day (15 or 25% off the bill or something to that effect), so my friends decided to check it out. This was about a month ago, so I don't remember exactly what I ate — only that it was delicious (I think it was some sort of chow mein)! Everyone that I dined with also liked their food (lamb masala, naanwich, fried rice, etc.), and all our portions were pretty big. The staff are incredibly kind and attentive, giving us complimentary veggie juice and Nepalese wafer-like treats. As a pescetarian, I appreciate their diverse vegetarian-friendly menu. And the menu is a bit tricky — there's no doubt in that — but I love how community-based this restaurant is. I use Copyland a lot, so I was quick to notice that the binding is also from Copyland haha Bottom line: a place with great vibes and great food! I'll definitely be back! Especially since I anticipate trying their pho :) —DianaNguyen

2012-11-15 00:48:28   The food here was amazing. I had some kind of tandoori chicken (can't remember the exact name, it was one of the specials) and my boyfriend had chicken tikka masala. Truly some of the best Indian food we've had in Davis, and we've been to every other Indian/Nepalese restaurant in town at least twice. The food was perfectly spicy and the naan was pretty good too. Seriously, we can't wait to go back. Our server (and maybe the owner too?) was super nice. Plus, with the student discount, the meal was completely affordable. Go to this place, people! —AnnBerg

2012-12-21 20:21:21   I've eaten here quite a few times now and have never been disappointed. The veggie naanwich is amazing and they're constantly changing what's in it. The staff is all very friendly and the service is always fast. This is definitely my new favorite restaurant in Davis! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for good food made and served by good people. —KatieSwanson

2013-01-01 15:40:51   There is a transfer of ownership sign in the window and a banner over the door saying SomeVietnameseName Sandwich Shop coming soon. I am not sure if International sold the business or if this is just a new name for the same place? —MichaelPlotkin