Internationals and people of non-European ethnicity arriving in Davis may find themselves a bit desperate to identify places to purchase familiar foods and items. Considering Davis' demographics, these same individuals may be interested in networking information and organizations that can provide assistance with visa requirements and housing. Of necessity, much of this information will include Sacramento resources unless our local economy grows to the point of providing a well-rounded selection.

Services & Organizations


Food & Groceries

see Ethnic Markets and Restaurants

Other Markets

International Calling Cards

If you're not using a VoIP like Skype, most international stores in the area carry calling cards that will give you low rates on overseas calls.

Newspapers, Magazines and Reading Material

Whereas Spanish-language reading materials can be found in most local grocery and drug stores, other languages are harder to come by.

  • The Davis Public Library has a variety of reading materials, for both children and adults, in different languages. Additional titles are available from the other library branches.
  • Newsbeat sells a limited number of publications in French, German, Farsi, and Italian

Learning English