ARC Pavillion

Follow the signs for the club inside the pavilion.

Meeting Times
Wednesdays 8pm-10pm

The International Social Dance Club is a now defunct student organization which started meeting in the Fall of 2008 on Wednesdays. As the name suggests, they did social dances from around the world. The group is run by Ryan and Danielle Sandler, who do most of the instruction. Their repetoire includes dances from Germany, Poland, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Israel as well as vintage American dances and probably some others as well.

The group was open to all, and no dance experience of any kind is required, though experienced dancers will find something to enjoy as well. No partners are needed, as many of the dances are non-partner circle dances. The plan was to start out every week with teaching a couple of dances, and then having open dancing for the rest of the evening, but they spent most of the time teaching dances to bring new members up to speed.

Attendence, never high and always rotating, dropped to rock bottom lows, and the Sandler's decided to call it quits in early February of 2009. Those interested in folk dance are encouraged to check out Davis International Folk Dancers on Sunday nights.