Add a captionJ Cunningham Salon has won Best Hair Salon in Yolo County FIVE years running!



Owner and Stylist
Margaret Ramos
Margaret Ramos - (530) 756-1066
Brooke Mills - (720) 998-2347

Craig Vanderwold - (530) 746-8256

Michelle Cain - (530) 786-9483
1809 Picasso Avenue
Near the intersection of Pole Line and Covell

Tue - Fri: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


J Cunningham Salon is located inside Get Fit Davis, with a separate door from the outside. You do NOT have to be a member to use the Salon.

Under new ownership, but still in the family. The shop was recently purchased by Jean Cunningham's niece Margaret Ramos.

To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.


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2007-07-18 08:18:22   I'm not a DAC member and I've had my hair cut there many times. —DougWalter

2010-05-30 17:50:01   This is the ONLY place I will ever have my hair done. I've been getting my hair cut by Juanita since I was 3 years old (I'm now 27) and no one else touches my hair - if you knew me, you'd know that I am very vain about my hair =) She is amazing and is really a true artist. She is very precise and knows how to give you the hair cut/color you want but at the same time, flatter your facial features and your normal daily hair care. Her coloring is amazing - she's done highlights, lowlights, from brunette to bright blonde on me. Jean and Juanita are amazing. I highly recommend them. My entire family, my boss, my co-workers, my friends, etc. get their hair done here! Sorry you had a bad experience Beth. They don't have a receptionist (There are only Jean and Juanita there - sometimes even just one of them) and they pride themselves on trying to serve everybody. Call in advance because they literally book up pretty fast - especially holidays, prom time & summer cuts. Highly recommended here! —ElizabethKelly

2010-07-28 21:33:50   When you go in ask for Jordan I got my hair cut done by her today and it turned out perfect i've never looked so good. she was young, had great style, very pretty by the way and was very friendly, she shampood my hair and even threw in a free wax without me even asking. Shes the real deal good experience I'll defenintly go back! Way better then cheap fake ol stylist at great clips or super cuts who leave uncut patches in your head and have to go back the next day to make it even again (so ridiculous). —AaronY

  • Jordan no longer works at J. Cunningham Hair Salon. Does anybody know where Jordan is working?-DM

2010-10-21 10:46:11   Great salon, I have been a customer for years. Jean and Juanita are both gifted stylists and I have always found the service to be top notch. Diane —rodlayman

2012-04-24 17:54:40   I'm a DAC member and have heard good things about Jean and was surprised to see there were so few reviews on this site. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Jean washed and cut my hair for $35. She took her time and did a very good job. Jean mentioned that I could return in a couple of weeks for a free neck shave. Aside from being very skilled, Jean is a great conversationalist. —nowhereman

2013-09-13 22:19:40   I'll add that, both in 2007 and now, I have Juanita cut my hair, and she's excellent. I know Jean but haven't ever gotten a hair cut from her. —DougWalter

Sometime between 9/2013 and 3/2014, Juanita moved on or retired. Now Jean's sold and retired: times and salons change. -DW

2015-02-13 13:41:24   After decades of wearing my hair pulled back with a clip or scrunchy I decided it was time to get my hair professionally cut and embrace my curls and frizz. With great fear I turned my head over to Margaret and gave her free reign. My new short hair style came out better than I expected and the cost was less than I had expected (remember, it had been DECADES since I last stepped into a hair salon) When my husband came home, I hadn't told him my plans, he was startled at first, thought a stranger was in his house, but once he got over the shock, he likes the new look. I stopped by J. Cunningham Too a couple of days after my hair cut to report on the approval rating of my new look by my friends. Margaret told me she had been thinking about my hair and thought it would look even better with a bit more taken off the sides. It is so cool that she was thinking about my style after I had left and she had no way of knowing if I'd ever be back. I took her up on her offer for a trim and she was right, it looks even better than when first cut. I am so happy I've found someone who cares so much about her profession and her clients. I enthusiastically recommend Margaret and the J Cunningham Salon. —JacquelinS

2018-01-06 07:11:49   Years in Davis and finally I have a place that I can depend on to give me consistent haircut that looks good and grows out evenly until it is time again. I do not know why I didn't go there sooner because I walk by this shop almost everyday as I use the gym at Get Fit, previously DAC. Comfortably in my chair, within a nice setting, Craig cuts/styles my hair to my pleasing, such a nice guy, always good conversation, always certain to take good care of me. Margret the owner, most gracious, never fails to check in on me and engage in the conversation, I commend her on her management style, quite the lady. Consistency is the measure of quality, I give them an all star rating. -Lauren Vaage —