1111 J Street
(East Davis, by the train tracks,
south of Cranbrook Apartments
between East 8th Street & East Covell Boulevard)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 11am-4pm
Tennis court
Exercise room
Game room with pool table and study room
Cats allowed
Dogs permitted under 25lbs
Instaconnect for a fee

J Street Apartments one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging from $950/month to $1210/month with a $500 pet deposit [February 2013]. Under previous management, accessories for the pool table were frequently broken or missing but were replaced within a reasonable length of time. New management is taking a proactive approach to this problem by making sure extra supplies are on-hand. Parking is abundant on the south end of the complex (left side if facing the complex from the street) and requires no registration or sticker. It was noted that previous management were often seen 'riding around on a golf cart.'

As with locations all over Davis, notably East Davis, one downside are the train tracks just behind the complex which can periodically be a source of considerable noise. Mailboxes are outside the north door of the clubhouse building which is nice for those times when they lock it up and you can't get in. The Unitrans E bus line stops right in front of the complex and drops you off at the Memorial Union bus terminal.

For more information on Davis rental housing, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

In March, 2013, a complete change of staffing happened at J Street Apartments. Old comments have been archived for historical reference here: J Street Apartments - Pre-2013 Management Change Reviews


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2015-04-26 12:19:06   The only positive thing I can say about J Street is that they were very kind to me and my roommate when we first came to Davis. They definitely took some of the fear out of the whole process of moving to a new city, and I'll always be grateful for that. The issue is that the apartments are absolutely awful and the prices they charge are totally ridiculous. Like so many others have pointed out, the apartments lay right along the train tracks, so yes it can get pretty loud. The issue is that the buildings are so old and poorly constructed that the whole apartment shakes when the trains go by. Multiple times a day. The whole building. The ceiling fans can get kind of precarious, especially if you've had them on all day. The laundry facilities always seemed to be closed for repair when I really need it. That's more of a personal issue, I guess. The girls in the office have always been super kind and receptive whenever we have any concerns, and overall I have no complaints with how the apartment is run. It's just that the buildings themselves are in desperate need of an upgrade--slow water boiler, uneven doors, air conditioning units that are rusting and slide around in the walls (TERRIFYING if you actually try to use them, and will let in cold air in the winter unless you wrap a sheet or something around it), and closing the windows does next to nothing on the (admittedly rare) occasion that someone in the complex has a loud party or when people are smoking under your window--and to charge what they do (it costs more for a 2x1 here than a 2x2 at most other apartments in the area!) just honestly makes no sense. —CorinneAy