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2005-04-07 20:44:29   In my opinion, Jade Garden does the best preparation of old favorites, while Hunan has the most interesting menu. Jade Garden's seafood is quite good. —CynthiaHe

2005-04-25 18:39:47   Their Honey Walnut Prawns are worth trying. They are listed under Chef's Specialties. —JasonAller

2005-10-09 08:45:37   In addition to the high quality of Jade Garden's food, the people who work there are always friendly, and the place itself is rarely busy. —LeightonHinkley

2005-10-29 13:02:30   Jade Garden is most definitly the best Chinese Food in Davis. The owners are awesome and always friendly. The best item is the Honey Walnut Prawns. —RenoBotelho

2005-11-15 03:54:16   THE BEST IN DAVIS! Great service, great food. Relatively the same prices as Silver Dragon and Hunan. However, last time I went there, my friend Gaj and I both agreed that the orange flavored beef kinda tasted like chicken mcnuggets. —JonasMari

2006-01-22 21:59:51   The food is really good, but be prepared to wait, and then wait some more. It seems that success has caught up with them because it always seems to be packed and they always seem overwhelmed. —HarrySpanglet

2006-03-02 11:54:51   Generally the food has been pretty good, but one time I went and they severely undercooked the chicken. I stopped going after that... —JoeGorndt

2006-03-13 11:06:54   Yesterday, my party of four got ignored in the corner for an hour while waiting for our soup, with only the teapot and water glasses to entertain ourselves. We had finished the tea and were wondering about water refills, so asked a waiter about our soup—we had gotten our soup bowls already; they were quite obvious on our table—the waiter mumbled a noncommittal response. Waited more. We got our veggie entree and steamed rice first, had to ask about our soup a second time, and finally got it—after 1/2 the dish and rice had been swiftly devoured. A second pot of tea was the promptest thing to be delivered to the table. By the time our last dish arrived, we had run out of rice entirely. The experience was frustrating, as several of our party had a tight schedule for the rest of the evening. —JudithTruman

2006-03-15 16:54:36   ...where "several of our party" means "Barnabas" and "tight schedule" means "ZOMG LOTS OF GRADING" —BarnabasTruman

2006-03-19 18:01:38   Actually a lot of their food is cornstarch laden and MSG rich. That's not to say it's bad but if you can't deal with MSGs, don't eat here. —KevinRollins

2007-07-10   We ask them to use as little MSG as possible when we order there (there's still some MSG in their meat marinade), and it has made a difference in our enjoyment of the food. In my experience, most Chinese restaurants can accommodate a no-MSG request. —LillianChow

2006-05-06 13:16:11   Service is very on and off. Once, I was seated behind that little wall that they have and we weren't acknowledged for 15 minutes. We also went up to a waitress and asked for some service, and after five minutes, we were still ignored. We left and went to Huong Lan. They never noticed. —SeatonTsai

2006-05-08 12:46:00   As a regular of Jade Garden, I know that they changed owners about a year ago. The food seems to be just as good, but they definitely lost the friendly atmosophere that was there with the previous owners. No longer am i greeted by name and spoken to other than to order and such. I miss the family, neighborhood feel of the original ownership. —BrianSolecki

2006-07-13 23:57:06   I had the worst service here at this restruant in Davis. My friend and I went and was ignored for quite some time. Every table around us was served and we were ignored. We finally ordered, but everyone else's food arrived but ours and we were there first. No explaination were given. I would avoid this place if you can't stand bad service. —DenysMa

2006-07-28 18:38:30   I have too have gotten terrible service here, along with some of my friends. We are all caucasian or hispanic, and obviously noticed great attention was being paid to other diners around us who were asian. Multiple times we have noticed non-asians to be frustrsted with poor service, while asians are completely attended to. Anyone else make this observation? —AmyLinha

2006-08-25 22:04:17   Re: AmyLinha, I am Asian, Chinese if it matters, and I constantly receive bad service, so don't bring race into it. —SeatonTsai

2007-01-15 00:56:32   Re: AmyLinha I too have received bad service here. It took over 30 minutes for me to receive my food and 15 minutes for them to even acknowledge that I was there. I highly doubt it was because of your race. —LenaLim

  • Could it be something else besides race? I'm an older white guy and I've always gotten excellent service, other than having to ask repeatedly for chopsticks (: Could it be that you're college students? —JimStewart

2006-08-03 13:18:45   I first started going to Jade Garden because it was close; now I go there because the food is awesome AND it's close! I've NEVER gotten bad service. They do greet me and my boyfriend by name, and when it's just one of us they ask how the other and the kids are doing. It's good food and always a good value. —ErinManley

2006-09-24 07:17:22   We had takeout from Jade Garden the other day. Overall I was quite pleased. The eggplant dish was unique compared to all other places I have been in Davis. The hunan chicken was very good (not deep fried like some places) and the pot stickers were good too. The sesame chicken was a little too sweet but still OK. Overall, the best chinese food I have had in Davis so far. —JonathanEisen

2006-10-09 20:53:00   In my four years here, their food quality has definitely deterioriated over time. The potstickers especially are coming out raw or overcooked, and their food is no longer notable for it's distinct tastes. Sadly, it's becoming like the other americanized chinese places in davis... Where's a good Taiwanese restaurant when you need one? —DanielHill

2007-01-26 20:21:58   hit and miss place. The vegetables are way overcooked but some dishes are quite decent. Better chinsese can be found at shanghai town, Noodle Express and Hometown chinese foodMattHh

2007-04-25 16:36:28   Spectacular food! —DavisGradStudent

2007-05-02 16:43:13   You know how you go to other places and order things such as sweet and sour pork or beef and there's either not enough sauce or just the right amount? This place makes the meat swim in sauce. It's kind of disgusting looking at your meat swimming around in this shiny, red colored sauce. I don't think I'll be going to Jade Garden again anytime soon. —VincentShin

2007-05-15 14:28:45   Good and cheap, and definitley alot better then ur normal Panda Express. the $5 lunch is a good deal —DonaldJaye

2007-06-09 18:33:56   General Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup, Peking Spareribs, when i hear these i think JADE GARDEN. Are you a college student, are you a davis resident are you a human being? If you are Jade Garden will knock your socks off. The food is good, the service is available and there is always enough for a second helping at home (maybe a third). Jade Garden specializes in giving enough food for the road.

The lunch specials are most popular as you get the best bang for your buck. Dinner B is a good choice as well because it offers Peking spareribs, a personal favorite. You can get individual dinners as well and these are also a good value as well. —heyitsdimo

2007-06-17 12:54:54   Pretty decent food. We got the House Special combo, which was a lot of food for the price, and it included Honey Walnut Prawns (yum). The service was OK, but the waitress was a bit abrupt, and slopped the soup into our bowls. It kinda reminded me of getting served hot lunches in elementary school, and it scared me a little. —LeslieCooper

2007-07-11 22:17:28   I agree with VincentShin's assessment above, though it does depend on the dish. You can order a dish "without gravy" and you'll get a lot less wetness, but I am partial to it and it goes well on the beef chow fun. Without mentioning anything, an order of tomato beef chow mein recently ended up being very saucy but still tasty. For our "standards" (dishes we try everywhere: honey walnut prawns, beef chow fun, and salt and pepper squid), we like this place the best. The prawns aren't overburdened with mayo and the calamari batter is light (not plate-mail). I do wish the chow fun had more fun in general as the amount of noodles you get varies a bit, but not enough to keep us from ordering it. Still, this is my favorite place in town, and is second only to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in the Sacramento region. Very friendly wait staff as well. —KevinChin

2007-08-23 16:53:02   Horrible food. Bad service. I will never go there again. The chicken and pork were full of fat and dripping in heavy, untasty sauce. Gross. Don't bother going there...go to Wok of Flame on Mace. —kdub

2007-12-21 02:16:23   I really enjoyed this place. So much so that I went 2 times within 4 days. My favorite dish is the seafood tofu claypot, with a lot of variety of seafood from scallops to shrimp to squid, and very satisfying (albeit expensive around $10-11, but good to share).

My friends and I were happily surprised when we went here for the Luncheon Special. Most dishes are around $5.50 with a heaping pile of fried rice, chow mein, or plain rice; a dish of your choice; and an eggroll (take a real good look at the picture at the top of the page, because that is exactly how much food you will get). While the eggroll wasn't fantastic, the main dish was definitely satisfying (shrimp and snow peas).

Service was a bit slow both times I went and the distance can be a pain, but I wouldn't mind waiting/driving out for such a great deal. Definitely going to try take-out one day to get around it though.

BTW, is that menu outdated? —JonathanChee

  • It might be, could you please update it if so?

2007-12-21 05:26:21   good abundant food with decent price —KaiWan

2008-02-06 10:21:41   This place is right near my office and I enjoy the food very much. The general chicken is the best in my opinion. the prices are very reasonable and you get a ton of food. For dinner the honey walnut prawns are very good, the wonton soup is great as well. Cloth napkins, nice teapots, comfortable booths. —DagonJones

2008-02-10 11:27:16   Yesterday my girlfriend and I went here for our first time, after reading good reviews. We ordered lunch specials: she had szechuan chicken and I got mongolian beef. I must say i was REALLY impressed with the mongolian beef. So much, in fact, that I drove there for dinner to pick up another order of it to take home. The chicken was OK, it was made well and quite flavorful, but i'm just a huge fan of mongolian beef, and theirs was excellent. It was also very fresh and came with a heap of chicken chow mein. The egg roll was good and the soup, which was something with corn, was also delish. And for $5.50? Wow. I was stuffed. —boristheblade

2008-02-11 13:08:22   just went here again. I must say the food quality exceeds the service quality. by far. —boristheblade

2008-02-15 17:38:18   I picked up food from Jade Garden a few days ago because it's location is convenient. The food was so incredibly greasy that it made me sick. The flavor itself wasn't too bad, but the amount of fat was just too much. Will not go back. Hunan is much better. —jglovicz

2008-02-29 20:55:00   Mongolian Beef, Honey Walnut Prawns and white rice TO GO! Awesome. Great food. I agree with all the comments posted ... bad service - great food. Give it a try but get it to go. —TerenceDunne

2008-03-09 15:22:10   I agree—great food, but they have slow service. For phone orders to go, their response is always "20 minutes". I've learned to wait at least 30 minutes before going to pick it up, and it's usually about 45 min to an hour (if they're moderately busy). —boblevin

2008-04-01 20:26:36   My wife and I went to Jade Garden a few weeks ago, and enjoyed our meals tremendously. We got the Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce and the House Special Chicken, along with the "Bo Bo" platter, which is identical to the "Po Po" platters that you see in many other chinese restaurants—a selection of small appetizers for two. All of it was very tasty. I would note that if you are like some other commenters on this page and are repulsed by large quantities of sauce, this may be a place to avoid, as they do seem to overdo it on the sauce. The food was neither soggy nor greasy, nor overpowered by this, so I thought it was just fine, though a waste of good sauce. A side of white rice is thus probably a good purchase here. —RyanSandler

2008-04-02 15:41:51   The best semi-authentic chinese food in the entire Sacramento Region. Highly recommended. The other chinese resturants don't even come close. Its a bit further from most of the people in town but it is well worth the drive. —JoeBudden

2008-04-06 21:51:32   Definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant in Davis and has fast service. I order from here at least once every two weeks and takeout has always been 15 minutes max. Try the crab meat cheese won tons (sounds weird, but they are so good!) —WendyWoo

2008-06-01 14:08:18   I've only had great experiences with this restaurant. I've only dined in once, but even then the service was still quick. Prices are decent for Davis, and the food was the least greasy Chinese food I've had. I recommend the sweet corn and crab meat soup if you're sick of the usual wonton or hot and sour. —StephanieRobinson

2008-08-21 21:58:35   I was really impressed with Jade Garden. Prices are cheaper than Ding How and similar to Hunan. The food is very fresh - there were a ton of vegetables in the veggie chow mein and the sesame chicken was very tender. The dinner service was extremely fast albeit there weren't too many other people in the restaurant when I was there. Highly recommended. —JakeJames

2009-02-17 01:47:24   My wife and I ate here tonight for dinner. It was good. $7.75 for each combination dinner plate (each having three items), which had proportions so large that we took roughly half of it home.

My wife had Sweet & Sour Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, and Chicken Chow Mein; I had the same thing with Broccoli-Beef in place of the S&S Chicken. As my wife is pregnant, she wasn't able to eat much of the S&S Chicken, but I can attest to it be good, as was my Broccoli-Beef. The fried rice was also very good and much better than I've had at a Chinese restaurant in a while.

My only real complaint was that the egg rolls were very small, which was rather disappointing. I feel I should point out that the service was minimalistic, but that doesn't really bother me at all. —RobertM525

2009-11-30 08:51:45   I went there for dinner with a friend. We both got our own dinner combination plate: broccoli beef and General Tso's chicken. The broccoli beef was on the bland side but fine. The chicken was quite good and it was actually spicy. Some restaurants tend to make it more of a sweet and sour dish, so I was happy with it. Finally, the serving size for the price was *massive*. It made for four meals. This is because the dishes came heaping with very tasty fried rice and chow mein. They really didn't skimp on the fried rice — plenty of vegetables, ham, and egg. Yum. Despite the bland broccoli beef, it will definitely be a restaurant that I'll consider going to again. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-13 20:19:14   If you like steamed rice that is so greasy that it is literally BRIGHT YELLOW then you should come here. —hokusman

I eat here several times a week and have never had this experiance with the rice —DagonJones

2010-03-02 01:41:27   I am down. Decent service, great lunchtime specials and amazing honey walnut shrimp. —CarlosOverstreet

2010-06-13 01:11:33   i love their honey walnut shrimp and salt and pepper pork like fat kid loves cake. the downside is that their meats are overcooked and they don't bring out the flavor. —binladen

2010-08-28 16:23:38   Pretty good food. Liked it better than Silver Dragon, less greasy. Service was fast and portions were huge! —103

2010-09-03 02:05:47   I thought the food here was truly awful. Incredibly greasy, flavorless, texture-less crap. I don't know if it was just that night or what but I will never ever here again. We ordered fried rice, broccoli beef, chow mein, etc. It all pretty much tasted the same and was all extremely overcooked and mushy. —christinag

2010-11-21 21:26:41   GET THE HONEY WALNUT CHICKEN (OR SHRIMP) soo effing good. It tasted like a glazed donut with chicken :) —aamatsui

2011-01-27 10:13:28   Jade Garden is the best place in town for a low-cost business lunch. The restaurant is usually quiet enough for relaxed conversation, the food and service is consistently good, the price is cheap and there are large round-tables available. I'd call ahead if your group is larger than 4. —JimStewart