Janesh Gupta is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

My name is Janesh Gupta and I am running for ASUCD Senate this quarter with the NOW slate. I am a second year computer science major from Fremont. I am currently an intern to ASUCD President Carly Sandstrom, a member of the Indian Student Association of UC Davis, and a member of Project Rishi.

I am running for Senate with NOW because I believe that we, as students, come first. I also want to ensure that students are not lost in the crowd because every Aggie deserves to have their voice heard. I want students to be proud that they attended this school and I want them to proudly call themselves Aggies. School pride will help students feel more welcome and happier here as students and I hope to implement as much Aggie pride as I can as a senator.

STRENGTHEN CITY INVOLVEMENT I want to start an advisory committee to better interact with city police and city officials so that students know more about what they can do to be good neighbors and better members of the community. If we can build relations and get our voices heard, we can foster a stronger bond and a healthier one. I look to build an advisory committee with elected officials of the city and also the City of Davis Police Department so that students concerns can be raised and answered at the city level. UC Davis students comprise a large majority of the city of Davis, yet the amount that actually are registered to vote in the city is very minimal. If we can increase these numbers, our voices and concerns can be raised loudly and change can be made.

INCREASE ALUMNI CONNECTIONS We are a top ten public university and I feel as though as our alumni network could be in the bottom ten. I am passionate about starting a campus-wide alumni mentorship program to help students learn what they need to excel in school and be successful in their future careers. Our alumni includes some of the most successful people in their fields and if there were a stronger connection to them and undergraduates, we could all benefit. I want students to graduate with pride as Aggies and I want alumni to be proud in helping younger Aggies excel in the workforce. I want to work with the alumni association to strengthen the involvement of students and alumni in order to continue the success of Davis students across the employment spectrum.

I look forward to serving you and making sure that students’ voices are heard in our community. Don’t forget to VOTE JANESH GUPTA #1 AND NOW #2-6 for ASUCD SENATE!


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