Dr. Janet Gong, Ed.D, was the last Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at UC Davis. She retired from University Service in June 2010. Her position was cut from the budget after her retirement. She previously held the position of Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, until Fred Wood succeeded her on August 1, 2007. Dr. Gong became Interim Vice Chancellor when Judy Sakaki stepped down to become the Vice President of Student Affairs for the University of California Office of the President on January 1, 2007.

In her capacity, Janet Gong oversaw departments related to Health, Wellness, Governance and Planning, specifically the Student Health and Wellness Center, Counseling Psychological Services, the Student Affairs Administrative Office, and Design Services (which, according to this website provides capital planning, interior design and architectural design approval for the Division of Student Affairs).

Additionally, Dr. Gong functioned as the primary liaison between the UC Davis Administration and ASUCD, providing advice and guidance to Senators attempting to fulfill their platform goals.

According to the Sacramento Bee State Salaries Database, Janet Gong received $181,999 per year as of September 2009.