Jared Crisologo-Smith is a senior Communication and Spanish double major. He is involved in the Filipino-American community on campus with the organizations Mga Kapatid and Filipinos in Liberal Arts and Humanities (FILAH) and is Co-Director of the 25th annual Pilipino Culture Night at UC Davis. He was a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election with BOLD. Since, he has served as Director of Community Projects for the Executive Office and as Vice Chair of the External Affairs Commission. He received the #1 endorsement by The California Aggie. He is currently an ASUCD Senator with the SMART slate.

Candidate Statement – Fall 2011 Election

Hi Aggies! I believe that ASUCD should be doing everything it can to improve student life on campus, and this will be the guiding principal behind everything I will do as your Senator.

Platforms: MORE POWER OUTLETS ON CAMPUS As someone who likes to study on campus, I’m always looking for a place to sit down and plug in my laptop. The problem is that in most of the areas where people like to study, there just aren’t enough outlets for everyone. This is a problem with a rather simple solution: power strips. By installing power strips in popular study spots on campus my goal is to ensure that every student with a laptop can focus on studying rather than having to go through the usual hassle of trying to find an open outlet. This program has been successfully implemented in the Shields Library’s Main Reading Room and I plan to extend it to other study spots on campus including the CoHo and Griffin and King Lounges in the MU.

CREATE A FUNDRAISING RESOURCE GUIDE Want to raise funds for your student club/organization, fraternity, or sorority but unsure how to go about it? Unsure of which businesses you should contact or which ones will give you the most money back? To answer these questions and make fundraising as easy and effective as possible for our student groups, I will work in collaboration with the External Affairs Commission to create a comprehensive guide of all the local businesses that are willing to work with UC Davis student organizations. This will help student groups fundraise, and the businesses will give back certain percentages of money to you. This guide will be made available for any UC Davis club, fraternity, sorority or other organization and will help increase fundraising success overall.

Finally, I believe our student government needs to be actively engaged in lobbying both within and outside the University to maintain the affordability and the accessibility of the UC system. As the UC Board of Regents considers increasing the cost of tuition by up to 16% a year through 2015, it is imperative that our voices are heard. Affordable education must be a priority not only to us as students, but to our Regents and State government as well. As a Senator, I will strive to keep ASUCD actively and effectively involved in lobbying at all levels to provide UC Davis students with a voice in their education.

Let your voice be heard. Vote for me, Jared Crisologo-Smith #1 for ASUCD Senate and BOLD #2-6. Thank you for your support!

Candidate Statement - Winter 2011 Election

Hey Aggies! I’ve been a member of the UC Davis community for the past four years and I can honestly say I’ve loved every moment of it. That is why I want to ensure that UC Davis continues to evolve and grow into a community that both current and future students can enjoy. These are the following projects that I will work toward:

TRANSFER STUDENT OUTREACH In the Fall of 2011, UC Davis guaranteed admission to over 5,400 new transfer students, which represents over an 80% increase from last year. Transfer students are greatly disadvantaged to any available orientation resources. Unlike incoming freshmen, transfer students are only offered a single day orientation. I will work to tie transfer students into our community by expanding the ASUCD component of transfer orientation. I plan to organize a resource fair made up of ASUCD units, services, and campus clubs to promote opportunities of involvement, internships, and jobs for these new members of our community.

COMMUNITY T-SHIRT PROJECT I will work to create a T-shirt, designed by students, that defines who we are as a campus-wide community. The idea behind my platform is to cultivate community and student involvement, similar to the community book project. I will work with the Aggie Public Arts Committee to establish a process to nominate, judge, and select a winning student design. I hope this project will create more opportunities for student involvement and generate student jobs for ASUCD from T-shirt sales.

STUDENT VOICE IN ENTERTAINMENT I will work to include a poll along with every ASUCD election in which students can vote for the band or artist they would most like to see perform at UC Davis. The Entertainment Council will then use this information to secure future performing artists at UC Davis.

Be BOLD- In order for a better tomorrow, settle for nothing but the best today. Remember to vote Jared Crisologo-Smith #1 for ASUCD Senate, BOLD 2-6, and Adam Thongsavat and Bree Rombi for President and Vice President.


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