Jason Webley performs at the Whole Earth Festival in May 2005

Jason Webley lives in the Seattle area on a houseboat but traditionally plays in Davis for Rob Roy's birthday in early October, as he has done for the last two years; first at the Pirate Ship and then at Delta of Venus, both times with Corpus Callosum as the opener. He also has played Whole Earth Festival. Outside of Davis has played all over the world both solo and with such groups as The Dresden Dolls. He tours almost nonstop.

Along with a song with the same title, he has interesting ideas on how to celebrate on Columbus Day.

Webley performing in Central Park in 2006. Photo by Elise Kane.

Webley's performances are very high energy with lots of crowd participation. He plays the accordion, a guitar, and a bottle of vodka filled with coins from around the world. His music can be heard at myspace.com/JasonWebley

There is a facebook group called "Jason Webley Is the Greatest Performer This Earth Has Ever Seen", which should give you some idea of the devotion of his fans.

Webley played two shows in Davis in May 2006. On May 11th he played in Central Park thanks to the ASUCD-City of Davis Entertainment Partnership with Hillstomp (from Portland) and on May 13th he played the quad stage at Whole Earth Festival.

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  • Webley drives a red car with a stem atop it to make it resemble a tomato.
  • He owns two stuffed animal catfish, one of whose whiskers nearly got lost in Davis in 2006.
  • He has somewhat of a vegetable fetish, often wearing a shirt with a radish on it, singing songs about vegetables while swinging a cloth carrot above his head, and cooking artichokes to eat.
  • He majored in theatre.
  • He is a Mac user.
  • He sometimes snores.


Jason Webley performing at Delta of Venus on October 3rd, 2005 Webley shocking Rob Roy's ass with a cattleprod


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Jason Webley has this amazing way of charming the crowd, he can get his listeners to do whatever he wants. Seeing him at Rob's birthday was so awesome. I sing his drinking song all the time.MichelleAccurso

I too once found myself captivated by this genius musician; I danced like a dervish and drank like a fool. Single greatest night of my life.AndrewBanta

2007-01-25 11:46:55   I've seen him 3 times now, and each show was more mind-blowing than the last —WillJobe