Name: Jeff Bryant (Mr. Bryant to you!)

Office: Holmes Jr. High

Personality: Mr. Bryant is probably the strangest teacher at Holmes. He has been described as gnome-like & also as looking like a CIA agent, even in the middle of summer. Mr. Bryant was responsible for putting 'the Anarchy Club is looking for a new president' in the daily Holmes news as an example of irony. He manages to get in trouble with someone nearly every day.

Mr. Bryant seems to get a new nickname every year.

Mr. Bryant is also a Davis Art Center instructor. This summer, he leads "Fairy Camp" for ages 5-8, a one-week camp which includes crafts, creative improvisation, dancing, acting and games — all fairy-themed. He also teaches "Shakespeare in the Park for Kids," for ages 9-13 in August. More info at

Saved people from a bus, got run over by his own car while driving, met Bill Clinton, was president of the MASA ( Mexican-American student association), and tackled Patrick Harris at his birthday. He is a trained monkey. He has candy in his eyebrows and hates chocolate.