Jeff Reisig for Yolo County District Attorney
POB 1136
Woodland, CA 95775

Jeff was elected Yolo County District Attorney in 2006 and was sworn January 8, 2007. His slogan during his campaign was "The best way to fight crime is to prevent it." He ran on a platform of getting the public/neighborhood groups actively involved in fighting crime and establishing school attendance board to keep youth in school and out of trouble. He would probably describe himself as "tough on crime," prosecuting just about every case that comes across his desk and occasionally using silly hyperbolic language like referring to alleged gangsters as "street terrorists."

Reisig was the first prosecutor in Northern California to obtain a gang injunction against a named criminal street gang in the case Reisig vs. The Broderick Boys. He has received a measure of criticism for his actions in this case, namely because his first injunction, while powerful, completely trampled on due process and was blatantly unconstitutional.

He sought an injunction against the Broderick Boys, a West Sacramento street gang affiliated with Nuestra Familia, that would, inter alia, impose a curfew on "gang members" (that is to say, not named individuals) in a certain "safe zone" and prohibit them from associating with each other in public. Notice of the hearing for the injunction was served to a single low level "soldier" and nobody came to court to challenge the injunction. Thus, the injunction was issued by default. A group of people who were served with the injunction moved to have it set aside because they claimed not to be gangsters and because they were not properly notified about the original hearing. Reisig tried to prevent this appeal by saying that unless they admitted they were members of the Broderick Boys, they lacked standing to challenge the order. On April 23, 2007, a court of appeals rejected this argument and threw the injunction out. Eventually, he got a similar injunction to stand by issuing it against specific named people rather than people with certain tattoos or who dressed in certain ways.

He graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor's degree in agricultural and managerial economics and went on to Pacific McGeorge for his Juris Doctor. He was three times named "Yolo County Prosecutor of the Year". Jeff and his wife Lisa live in Yolo County.


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Reisig as DA has a policy of never shying from pressing charges on a case, and to pursue each one that lands on his desk. I hope that he can work together well with all the ADA's that yolo county has, which I think for the most part he will. —StevenDaubert

2008-01-19 14:13:26   Shouldn't one of the requirements, whether in the law or not, that the community demands or begs or pleads with law enforcement and the DA to "Please help keep us safe in our neighborhoods"? I don't see that happening in this case at all. The list went from 400 to 20 people, what happened to the other 380? Maybe they didn't belong locked up in their homes in the first place. This injunction is wrong, against the law, and a waste of taxpayer money. It stinks of developer influence big time. —timmckinnon

2008-01-25 12:35:14   Does anybody know where the original idea for the West Sacrmaento gang injunction came from? Was it citizen inspired? An idea that came from within the DA's office? —timmckinnon

  • 2011-10-30 12:52:33   Don't know, but the gang injunction was and is still very necessary!!! —AshleyHamidi

2012-11-26 16:51:22   Hi! I am a huge fan! —AshleyHamidi

2012-11-29 14:07:57   I think it's time for me to send you a very nice Christmas Card. . .http://www.jeffreisig.comAshleyHamidi