Jennifer Anderson is the current owner of Davis Ace, a business that has been owned by the Anderson family since 1962. Jennifer is the granddaughter of JB Anderson and the grandniece of AG Anderson, both of whom were very active in Davis politics and business. A number of things in Davis are named after the Anderson family, including Anderson Road, Anderson Plaza, and the Anderson Bank Building. She is married to William "Doby" Fleeman.

Jennifer caused a stir in November 2012 with a (poorly written) letter she sent to employees telling them to vote for Mitt Romney and warning them about changes to the numbers of people ACE employs and changes to benefits it offers if Obama were to be elected. She apparently has made a habit of handing out political propaganda along with employee paychecks. She continues to draw ire based on her non-apologies, her refusal to admit that what she did was problematic, and her seeming obliviousness to the fact that the issue isn't about free speech but about abuse of power.

A number of people have expressed their intention to boycott Davis ACE. While it is possible some people may be reacting purely to Jennifer's conservative political views, most of the objections that have been expressed are based on the coercive way in which she chose to express them. Read more on the ACE Hardware page.

Note that some ACE employees have expressed concern that they would be the ones most directly impacted by any boycott resulting from Ms. Anderson's actions.


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I think it would nice for Davis Wiki users to "be educated" about Mrs. Anderson. As a successful professional inheritor, she owns multiple businesses and property in town. One, for instance, was the eyesore locksmith location (not the business itself, but rather the building it occupied) that sat dilapidated and abandoned in downtown Davis for multiple years. Must be nice to have the capacity to let valuable real estate fester. Anyone know what other businesses (her family, her trust) she owns or manages?

* ACE Hardware * Aggie ACE * Anderson Plaza * Ket Mo Ree? * Hannover Place?


*Davis Coop Shopping Center (Monticello, Ken's and empty spaces northward of Ken's)?

  • No. This is owned by a family (not Anderson) trust with commercial holdings in many states. One member of the family is designated to pay attention to that strip mall. —DougWalter

*Laundry Lounge?

2013-08-25 22:20:23   JA owns the 912 5th Street crossing building that now houses APEX Cycles, Baciarini's Martial Arts, and Casa Verde Designs. —Aaron.Curtin

2013-08-26 07:13:44   It is accurate to call her "a successful professional inheritor," but she has also been actively involved with the management of Davis Ace for decades. While that has had downsides, the upside is that they're still in business, in a very competitive market. —DougWalter