Jeremy Ross is an official candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election.

Personal Page: JeremyRoss

He is now chair of the elections committee.

Candidate Statement

I'm running independent because I think it's important that a senator come into office without any particular agenda besides the desire to best serve the student body. At Davis, the ASUCD senate is given a nearly $10 million budget to allocate and it is my firm belief that the senate should be accountable to the rest of the students on campus. I intend to do that by severely limiting the senate's ability to hold closed sessions, and by encouraging students to attend our meetings. Additionally I want all students to be encouraged to further participate in student government with simple fixes like moving the ASUCD job board to the first floor of the MU, where it belongs. Finally, I want all students to be able to reach me, should I become a senator, to not only let me know their take on the current issues, but also to be able to help me shape the direction of future policy-making on campus.