Jesse is a crazy tiger-like cat that hates all of it's owners friends.


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this is by far the biggest waste of webspace in the history of web stuff. Jessie is not worthy of a page. Trust me, i know. —GeorgejAndrews

2005-03-03 19:46:00   one time i told the owner of the cat to give it a spanking because it did something bad. The owner refused to. This is a lesson to all you future parents and pet owners, spank your children/cats so that they dont turn into Jesse the cat. —GeorgejAndrews

2005-03-14 01:40:00   I dunno Jesse the cat seems to like me. He is quite soft and cuddly, be nice to the cat and the cat will be nice to you :) —RichardCasavecchia

2005-10-18 18:04:30   It's not as though he's the only wiki animal —GeoffJohnson

2005-10-18 23:20:30   If Jesse is anything like the cats I know, he thinks he IS the only wiki animal. Or at least, the only wiki animal that matters. —AnnaJones

2006-01-04 00:54:38   jessie is a cute cat that likes to get into mischeif like my three cats :)Love the pics. —ElizabethBarthel

2006-02-16 18:45:16   what a freakin awesome cutieee. He looks like my old cat Jasper. I miss that fool. He hated everyone too. _AubreyJohnson