Joe Mele was ASUCD Vice President from Winter 1984 to Winter 1985. He and President Jim Depolo were both Electrical and Computer Engineering Majors in the College of Engineering.

Jim and Joe were living proof that joke candidates can be the ones best qualified for the job.

ASUCD Activity

Prior to his election as ASUCD Vice president, Joe served as Music Director of the campus radio station KDVS.

As ASUCD Vice president he helped get Tipsy Taxi on the road. The pilot service used the Davis Cab Company, was free for students, and was funded from the ASUCD Vice president's budget. It was very successful. There is currently a nominal fee to ride, and is now operated through Specialized Transportation Services


Joe graduated in 1985 and attended the UC Davis School of Medicine. He currently is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in the San Francisco Easy Bay Area community of Walnut Creek. More information can be found on his web site or his blog the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog.