Section personally reviewed & endorsed by Joe Sherman: "I certify under penalty of perjury that there is a plot to end my life in Yolo County." Executed in Davis, Ca. on 9 July 2009. /S/ Joseph A. Sherman "I declare war on Davis for rebellion against our nation," /S/ Joseph A. Sherman, 28 Aug. 2013. See, & click on "I FOUND IT" for strategy of attack. Region-wide slavery & conspiracy against me, including murder plot, involving many of the leaders of Davis, Davis police, Yolo d.a., & members of the community. AS OF THIS DAY, ALMOST NO ONE HAS LIFTED A FINGER TO REMEDY OR BRING THE CAPTORS TO JUSTICE. I am requesting eye-witnesses & citizens from the end of the earth to stand up for my rights. Run to the Marines, & tell them who you are & what you know! 703-697-9121), Congressman Thompson (202-225-3311), VP Biden (direct office # 202-224-3121) & the US Dept. of Justice (202-514-3204) to arrest the local conspirators. Every voice counts! A small of the entries on this site may have some noble intentions; a few feeble, but notable attempts to watch out for my teaching abilities, but most, obviously, are attempts to perpetuate local facades to smear my reputation & cover up the conspraices. I am a Spanish Teacher, & I have a tutoring business "Big Stick Tutoring" offering tutoring in Math, Spanish, Business, Law, & most subjects, for all ages, 530-204-9851, see I am also known as "Christian Joe" in Davis, & I have a website at that has an evangelistic paper, "Jesus Christ & the Trustworthiness of the Bible," discussing Christianity & spiritual issues! End of section personally reviewed & endorsed by Joe Sherman



A blurry picture of Joe One of the more notable of Davis'

Town Characters, Joe Sherman is a somewhat-underfed-looking guy constantly walking around town. He is usually seen wearing a sweater and is famous for liking to play with young boys. He tries to join basketball games being played at Davis High School and middle schools. The band The Knees Together Club, who all went to DHS, wrote a song called Crazy Joe Sherman.

He also occasionally preaches on the quad. The last four digits of his phone number spell out PRAY. Interestingly enough, he is apparently unwelcome at some religious gathering places due to having verbally abused people in the past. (For note: these are not foo-foo better than you groups, but awesome, open minded and student-friendly people that discuss interesting things, religious and otherwise.) He's intolerant of even the smallest deviation from his interpretation of religious doctrine. More-biased chroniclers would even call him bigoted.

He also likes to sit down at a restaurant without buying anything and plug his laptop and cell phone charger into an outlet. He's also done this at such places as the Davis Senior Citizens' Center. Believes that this is a reasonable thing to do, under the delusion that the world owes him something.

If you bother to check his criminal files at the Woodland County Courthouse (something any citizen may do) you will find that his psycho-social disorder varies considerably from week to week, and that he may deteriorate in his ability to tolerate disagreement and frustration. People have been concerned about a possible difficulty in controlling his urges to touch young women and men. Although no formal charges have yet been made (or have they? if you know one way or the other, please edit this), some observers think this tendency seems to be getting worse. When confronted, he has resisted many suggestions that he seek professional care, even when provided several lines of evidence that he is not in as good a control of himself as he would like to think.

Recently he acquired a compact off-white pickup truck w/ camper shell, in which he sleeps, since he quickly wears out his welcome.

Many view him as a strange, intolerant 'Christian' and try to place him into the same category as the basic run-of-the-mill Christians found in the Davis area which could not be further from the truth. Joe is Joe and no other seems to be even close to his particular category of insane intolerance and delusion.

A great many people here in Davis have had interactions of various types with Joe from taking a few moments to listen to his ranting to actually intervening when it seems he is getting beyond control. The authorities have had numerous dealings with him through the years, partially feeding his delusion that there is a genuine plot to kill him or subvert his ideology to conform to some outside force. The only thing that can be said for certain in this case is that he is one to be wary of and definitely not one to be trusted around children. Joe preaching to little kids downtown.

He used to proselytize much more than he currently does. He also seems to confuse a lot of people with BenDuax, or so Ben Duax has claimed. Since Ben Duax is only 18, this further reinforces the indictments above.

He claims to have recently done whatever it takes to become a real estate agent. During the 1990s he was actively trying to get people to use him as their real estate agent. This resulted in injunctions against him entering the offices of several real estate firms and the Yolo County Board of Realtors (per a Realtor still active in Davis).

Joe Sherman was actually parodied at a farewell party for former mayor Susie Boyd in August of 2004. The Davis Enterprise reported that:

[Boyd's] comments at Friday's farewell party were interrupted by "Mr. Herman," a skit character portrayed by Davis Senior Planner Bob Wolcott, whose performance was a spoof of the frequent contentious interactions between then-Mayor Boyd and local resident Joe Sherman.

He hangs out at the arc or the Yolo County Library - Mary L. Stephens Branch using the public internet terminals and was recently in jail for something to do with loitering and harassing people. If you ever feel like having your ear talked off, ask him about religion.

The Davis Enterprise reported Sunday 9 August 2008 that Joseph A. Sherman had been sentenced to two months in jail (or 120 hours of community service before December) for misdemeanor contempt by Commissioner Barbara James for repeatedly interrupting court proceedings in June.

He was (23 October 2008) going door to door selling a magnetic water softener system and doesn't like to take a polite no for an answer.

As of 2/2/2009 Joe Sherman was spotted at the Yolo County Courthouse, telemarketing his water softeners. This greatly annoyed the room of prospective jurors.

"Think Tank Tutoring" is Mr. Sherman's latest business; on 5/31/16, he has posted a flyer at the Davis Food Co-op, noting the many subjects in which he feels he's qualified to tutor. Caveat emptor!


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He was actually fairly nice to some homeless people I met last weekend while I was doing Food Not Bombs - he came over and offered to help when he saw a woman fall. Then he went back to juggling by himself - didn't know he juggled. But maybe he's mellowed out a bit - Cristina

- About 3 years ago he tried to sell a $100 food coupon for $80 to my roommate in front of Albertson's. After purchasing the coupon my roommate and I were approached by the manager of Albertson's and informed that Joe had been taking these coupons from local churches and selling them in front of the store. - DylanBeaudette

- I just showed Joe his page on the wiki! -JH

- There's a list at the co-op of people banned from the store, Joe Sherman is on there, it says "Joe Sherman, local preacher, currently in prison in Riverside." I don't know when this was last updated, but I'd say fairly recent as there are some new names of people I saw in the store maybe a month ago... —MichelleAccurso

- I considered writing a feature on Joe Sherman, public gadfly & unknown legend, when I was features editor at the Aggie. I was told, however, that if I expressed even the least interest in him, he wouldn't give me a moment's peace. -ZacharyAmendt

2005-10-12 18:39:49   He came around to some of the local churches last spring (around April, I think) saying that the Davis police were "kidnapping" people. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2005-11-19 20:02:22   Is there a better picture of him anywhere? I'm wondering if I'm seen him before . . . —ReginaSikora

2006-04-06 01:48:28   This guy is absolutely insane. No other wa to explain him. He thinks he could harass the people of Davis claiming free speech. He was outside of a local drug store today, just pissing everyone off left and right. People would try and humor him by listening, and he wouldn't let them continue on w/ their shopping. He refused to leave the property when the store management tried to kick him off for loitering and harassing the customers after a bunch of customers complained. I don't know what type of mission he is on, but its not making him a liked among the majority of the community —JustinSilva

2006-04-30 13:32:13   Not long ago I made the mistake of engaging this cretin in conversation, thereby prompting him to hurl a vehement deluge of Bible citations at me. I must grant that he knows his Bible, but he spends much more time being what attorneys call a "vexatious litigant," that is, someone who at any given time maintains several lawsuits propria persona, on behalf of himself. He is pursuing endless vendettas against the police and other authorities, who he believes have violated his First Amendment rights. In my admittedly lay judgment he is paranoid and probably suffers from borderline personality disorder. In light of his aggressiveness and delusional, possibly pathological behavior— including his loitering around underage males (a predilection he certainly doesn't advertise)—I think it wise for UCD students to give him an extremely wide berth. —GeheimNis

2006-04-30 17:25:58   I spoke to him today. He says he is tutoring in Spanish, and has 'at least seven' legal cases in the appeals process. Besides that, he was pretty normal. —CharlesWinkelmann

2006-06-15 Crazy Joe is blogging about the bad students of UCD. Shame on you if you don't understand that he's a crusader! By the way, there's a crystal clear picture of him in the images. How do you attach it to this front page?

"It seems that some of the UCD students have claimed that they orchestrated the illegal banishment of me from campus, resulting in 15 or more kidnappings of me. Comments such as, "We did all this;" "We're the cops;" as well as timed comments made to me just before I am illegally abducted, letting me know it's going to happen & that they are involved in it. How many of them are participating is obviously hard to say; those who are participating obviously want me to think it's all of them, but I know there are students who don't want to see these oppressive acts occur against me. The new editor of the California Aggie said he would "look into" doing a report on the kidnappings of me; a poor attitude considering the newsworthy hate crimes occurring, but better than his predecessors!"

2006-06-17 13:40:01   You see? Proof positive. The guy is off his rocker. Stay away from him. —GeheimNis

2006-08-07 06:03:26   I'm not absolutely certain, but I was at the Old Teahouse around 11pm around March, and while waiting for food, he asks me and another guy to play hackey sack outside with him. Neither of us had played before, but he made us try, and we had a good time and a few laughs. Told us his name was Joe and he went around talking with people, said he had a couple of lawsuits in the works, and then we we had our food a while later, we took off. He seemed like a very nice guy, if not odd in asking two random college aged guys to play hackey sack with him... In fact, I'm almost 100% sure it was Joe Sherman. —SamWard

2006-09-06 11:33:47   hey, even though i hate religious junkies as much as the next guy, and crazy Joe may be/ probably is as crazy as these people say, i just wanted to add that while walking and riding the bus around town with his special little bible, he has always been very courteous to me, and the word malevolent may be a slightly strong, especially for one of god's warriors! although i have never talked to him, i have always enjoyed seeing him. and come on, lets be honest, that telephone thing is just cool —MikeDurkee

2007-01-19 12:32:48   Can anyone post the lyrics to "Crazy Joe Sherman"? —GrumpyoldGeek

2007-01-19 12:43:24   I'm no sure if this is exactly how we should help the mentally unstable residents of Davis. —JoshFernandez

  • A valid question and one that made me think for awhile. I guess the answer would depend on whether or not you believed Joe was genuinely mentally unstable and whether or not you think that DavisWiki should help the mentally unstable. Firstly, having talked to him, listened to him at city counsel meetings and having heard him talk to others, I'm not convinced he's mentally unstable. Joe is different, has some strange ideas, but I doubt that any of us are either technically or ethically able to make a definitive judgment on his sanity. As to helping the mentally unstable residents, I think what you were politely trying to say is that we shouldn't make fun of them. And you are right, we shouldn't. Nonetheless, Joe is certainly a Town Character and bears mentioning in DavisWiki. Furthermore, Joe does use the internet and can easily log on to DavisWiki and explain himself, deny the statements or even delete the entire page. —GrumpyoldGeek

2007-05-15 16:16:47   wow I have lived here my entire life and never met Joe before. Well today I went to the post office and he was yelling about God and the FBI while he waited in line. Is he safe ? He made me a bit nervous. —HeatherFlood

2007-05-20 16:57:49   I had the illustrious pleasure (barf) of sitting across from him on the bus from Woodland to Davis last Wednesday (05/16/07). He talked my ear off about how the Davis City Council, the judges in Woodland, local police and religious leaders were all in a giant conspiracy to persecute him. Unfortunately, it seems the more he annoys people, the more he sees their reactions as validating the conspiracy-against-him theory, and the more he feels like he's just like Jesus. Its a vicious cycle. Anyway, he claimed to have just gotten out of a 313 day jail term (during which the other prisoners persecuted him at the orders of outside religious leaders, allegedly, LOL!). So unfortunately, he is once more out and about. —KrisFricke

2007-11-06 12:50:01   Joe's an ass. I've gotten in numerous arguments with him mostly due to the fact that he won't shut up and leave people alone. He thinks the government is out to get him, and feels that everyone owes him something. One evening, my wife and I were walking downtown showing family members Varsity Theater, and up walks Joe. As he approached us, he looked strait at me and kicked my son's stroller, saying "What you think you own the sidewalk because you're pushing a stroller?" It took every once of patience not to lay into him right there. Next time I see him, I'll kick him in the shin. —Aaron.Curtin

2007-11-15 23:42:53   Saw him tonight. Nice to see that he is still around. He still refuses to budge into the "Suppose this is all BS" axiom and you are stuck at his level. It's like talking to a television. I forgot the headache he causes... —ChristopherMckenzie

2008-03-30 10:07:57   I ran into him at Target (gasp) in Woodland on Friday (03/28/08). He was registering people to vote and getting people to sign petitions. The whole time I was there he kept mentioning he wants people to sign a declaration stating they are witnesses to his civil rights being violated, or are aware of it. I felt weird after I left, because I wasn't so sure that he was the guy I should be registering to vote with. —MamaLoebs

2008-04-08 21:51:06   I saw him today at Sam's club in Vacaville. He was having people sign petitions. He directed me to his site as well and said to arrest the Davis Police Department. I thought something was a little kooky about him but I checked out his site anyway. A lot of work went into that site. —Violet

2008-04-23 08:24:45   Unfortunately I've crossed paths with this obnoxious individual on several occasions, the last being when he came into my place of business demanding service after business hours. When he was refused, he proceeded to insult us as he left (thus guaranteeing refusal of any future service), which according to this wiki entry is par for course. I'm afraid I'm not a citizen of whatever world he lives in where the universe revolves around his zeppelin sized self image, though the thought of visiting is tempting only for the sheer pleasure of witnessing a human train wreck. Seriously, his behavior rivals that of the most tweaked out junkie I've seen in my travels and I've seen many. Joe's life is a comedy in which he plays the star to a silent (though revolted) audience. —ThatGrouchyGuy

2008-04-23 09:47:35   I saw him a couple weeks ago asking for signatures on 3rd an A. I know he was arrested at least twice on campus and given numerous warnings about "evangelizing" to people. Campus policy says that its against the UCD rules to approach/solicit people- they have to approach you. He was banned from campus(like a restraining order) and was given notification that if UCD police saw him they could arrest/escort him off campus property. The other time I know of was when he was verbally harassing a Muslim woman while riding on the bus. The bus had to pull over so the police could arrest him because he became belligerent and would not leave when the driver asked him to. —MyaBrn

2008-04-29 18:00:55   Joe Sherman is an iconic entity. Why complain about about his monotonous behavior? EMBRACE HIM! I promise that this walking comedy won't be breathing in the next ten years. Anyways, has anyone sighted Raven. If your are clueless still Raven is an African-American male who wears a black Do-Rag and an all black attire. He talks like a child and also claims he is capable of physically doing uncanny things, like catching bolts of lightning. When visiting with the devil he allegedly was beaten up and now is terrified to call him. Raven, or if you know him as Phil, when not incarcerated can be seen at the Parole Offices in Woodland, Central Park in Davis, Baskin Robbins in Davis, and at random parties. He's strong, but not dangerous. just annoying. Anyways, if you spot him please try to spark a conversation. —AdelmoGaylord

2008-05-06 11:19:49   Crazy Joe! I saw him on 3rd and A a few weeks ago. I have a thing for insane people, and I let him go awhile. I'm sold on religious cults NOW! —Casey

2008-05-06 13:25:38   A friend of mine had a roommate move out, and when he moved out he said "Don't worry, I got someone to take over my room". Guess who moved in.... Good ol' Joe Sherman. I had a few conversations with him but I felt like I was talking to a broken recorder. —DagonJones

2008-06-12 13:41:09   is this the guy who wears cargo shorts and a faded blue shirt walking around who knows where carrying a Bible all the time? I see that guy around all the time but I don't know if he's Mr. Sherman —DavidLiu

2008-10-06 21:33:36   Once me and my friends were hanging out by borders and that whole area and he randomly wanted to play some hacky sack with us! then he told us some weird jokes,then we left cuz we were a little creeped out —Aaronthebox

2008-11-03 23:09:48   well I am writing merely 15 minutes after having a 1.5 hours of conversation with Joe Sherman in Old Tea House. Several times I told myself to leave (cause I have papers to mark) but he sounded like he seriously needed to vent his frustrations, so I stayed and listened. I never once thought he was deliberately lying, though I can't believe everything he said cause it was just his version of the incidents. Yet what was most dismaying was his refusal to believe me that I have never heard of him before! I told him that I've been in Davis for two years...and he shook his finger claiming saying that "I hope people stop deceiving...if you've been here for 2 years, you must have heard of me". Sigh...yeah right. There must be someone in this country who doesn't know who's campaigning for President, right? And everyone has to know Joe Sherman? I repeatedly wished him all the best and reached out to shake his hand, but he never did the same. I guess he refused to shake hands with a 'liar'. Oh well, now I have vented my own frustration! —geocoris83

2008-12-18 17:03:20   Weird guy. Came into my work a couple times and just started talking. Once he stayed just about till closing... —MasonMurray

2009-01-01 17:54:05   So today I met joe for the first time. I stopped because here was a guy talking about God and so as a christian I felt I might as well hear him out. I said a few words over the first ten minutes until the conversation turned to how I knew or should of known who he was and that I was guilty of not standing up for his rights... At this point he wouldn't let me get a word in so I decided to see how long he would talk without me replying. This was a mistake. I was astonished that he continued to speak for about an hour a twenty minutes without me ever saying a word. If i hadn't of broken of this experiment I do not doubt he could of gone on for much longer. He doesn't seem dangerous, but he is not well. He reminded me a lot of Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. Maybe he's schizophrenic? —massacro

2009-01-28 17:35:34   I know Joe Sherman, he is from Lodi Ca, we were friends and went on double dates, he had a cool ford cougar. He was normal and never did drugs, only drank. I am surprised to here ho he turned out, being christian and all because he was quiet and kind of shy back in our teens. Joe was a nice guy back then and I bet he still is. I hope Joe will open up to the Holy Spirit so he will be considerate to the people he talks too. Jesus Christ loves Joe as much as he loves you and me, and by our own words we will be judged. Lets be considerate and compassionate to all human beings. Scott —scottdurham

2009-03-18 11:47:04   Joe was just at my front door, selling a magnetic water softener. He was pleasant, and not nearly as pushy as most door-to-door salesmen go. Honestly, had I not known about him from the wiki, I wouldn't have thought anything odd about him. He seemed totally normal — but then again, our conversation was brief, and he was still very pleasant after I declined to buy his product. —MichellePalmer

2009-04-23 23:01:07   I met Joe about three years ago when he came to my house to check out a room I had for rent. I invited him in and showed him around. He was enthusiastically impressed and kept saying over and over how much he liked the place and that he would definitely take it. I, however, was not impressed. About half-way through the house tour I began to sense that something wasn't right with the guy. I quickly decided he was not going to be a good match to be a housemate, and set about showing him the door. Trying to remain polite, I handed him a rental application and told him to leave and return it to me later. But he would have none of it. He energetically said, "I'll take the room!", then promptly sat down at my kitchen table to fill out the rental application."

"No," I said, you can't do that. You need to leave and fill out the application somewhere else." When he still balked at leaving, I actually had to become very stern with him and physically usher him out the front door with my left arm across his back providing the propulsion. By then I was thoroughly disgusted with his overbearing, aggressive behavior, and I simply said to him, "This isn't going to work out because you're way too aggressive for me!"

Joe is a complete nut case. No question about it.


2009-04-28 12:19:02   I don't know about "Complete Nutcase", the guy probably has some social disorder or something. It's kinda funny he considers his jail time a hostage situation. I mean, it's JAIL. That's the POINT. —MasonMurray

2009-05-28 23:48:05   He's a nice guy, definitely mentally ill (paranoid for sure). He's also extremely intelligent I think. But beware, if you start talking to him, its hard to get away. Also, if he asks for your phone number and you don't give it to him, he will not like it. He even gave me back the money I gave him. —randomness12

  • This is what I hate about irresponsible anonymous postings. If you had the credentials to make a proper diagnosis, you'd also be aware of the heinous breach of ethics it would be to publicly announce the diagnosis. —JimStewart

-He once approached me when I was walking over I-80 on Richards, coming back from the Amtrak Station. He just started rambling about conspiracies against him. I am a christian, but I found his positions totally against what I believe and his hate is not what any of the christian college groups on campus stand for. We accept everyone's imperfections and the idea that Jesus loves everyone, not the hate that Crazy Joe spits out. He tried to get my number, after a number of polite rejections and statements saying that I don't use my phone (because I didn't want to say no), I gave in. But he hasn't called me after a month or so...probably out of the woods. However my other friend (a christian, but a loving one) gave him his number and now he gets no rest from Crazy Joe. -BryceH

2009-06-24 18:37:16   Joe just came to my door trying to make a high-pressure sale of a magnetic water softener, a "Green Product" for $1,000. This is complete scam. It does not work at all. It can't work. Magnetism has nothing to do with minerals in water. He was quite persistent even after I told him I would never buy it. I looked up his name and the stuff on the card he gave me, and this is what I found. —JohnToradze

  • For those who have purchased a magnetic water softener, I would also encourage them to upgrade to my acupuncture water treatment system (only $2500 for the upgrade). Guaranteed to soothe any aches and pains your water may be suffering.

2009-07-21 15:52:27   Joe was standing on the Pole Line Rd. overpass this morning, holding up a couple of hand-lettered cardboard signs to the cars on the interstate below. I couldn't read what the signs said. —JimStewart

2009-07-30 19:11:49   I've seen him holding up signs on the Pole Line overpass fairly regularly for the past two months or so, sometimes very early in the morning. I happened to see him taking down a sign with the URL to his website on it, which lead to me finding this page. Then I realized I met him once before while I was walking downtown, and he gave me his story about the people out to get him. I didn't connect the dots until I saw this page. —MarioMeneses

2009-09-12 01:00:43   A friend and I got drawn into playing 21 with him at the outdoor basketball courts and he wasn't too strange until the lights went out. Then he started talking about being kidnapped by the police, how god had given him power over various chiefs of police and how he wanted to recruit us for his little personal army. —thebluereverend

2009-12-03 14:07:15   I saw him juggling outside Peete's coffee downtown recently. He is pretty good. A homeless woman was upset he was taking "her" money from people since he had a hat for people to put money into. —JeremyDutch

2010-04-13 06:31:37   So he's the guy behind the 'Joe Tutor!' flyer spam I noticed a while back. Huh. Go fig. But yeah, he does need to get some help, but I'm willing to bet his massive ego and mental issues aren't going to let him seek the truth he needs, only the truth he wants. —Flynn

2010-05-01 16:07:42   Saw him today at the Farmer's Market, ranting at passers-by about how the police department needed to be arrested for crimes against humanity and the like. People were ignoring him, so he switched to loudly singing the lyrics to 'Fame'. Out of key. —Flynn

2010-05-12 19:35:38   I saw him in a suit outside of save mart yesterday —StevenDaubert

2010-07-14: I saw him a couple of days ago at UCD trying to get into pick-up basketball games at the courts near the cow barns and football field. He made some really weird comments and everyone kind of drifted away from him until he was standing alone. Then he got on his bike and rode away. 15 minutes later I drove by the dorms near Russell blvd where there was a cheer-leading camp underway and he was standing there in front of the cheerleaders, juggling. If i were the parents of those cheerleaders I would not be happy to see Joe hanging around. He has some real issues, his inability to make a connection with people. I hope he is getting professional help or is on some Meds. Davis seems to think he is "eccentric" and a "character", but it would not surprise me if he twisted-off some day and hurt somebody. —calzephyr

2010-07-25 12:27:59   I've about had it with this one.

The other day I went into Starbucks on F St. and saw the crazy Mr. Sherman at one of his haunts across the street in the parking lot by the new Pay to Park kiosk. I go into Starbucks and a group of young cheerleaders come in right behind me. I start a conversation with one of my friends who works at the java joint and then leave after the cheerleaders are gone. I get outside and what do I see? Mr. Sherman trying to force the girls to speak to him and actually hugging one of them for what would seem an inappropriate amount of time for a stranger to hug someone they don't know.

The girl was obviously trying to get away from him but he kept doing the 'soft shoulder grab' to keep her there and talking about his version of the bible. I had enough. I get across the street and tell him to let the girls go and tell the girls to watch out for him and give them a small bit of background on him.

He then begins to scream at me telling me I am part of the "cult that's been trying to kill me for years!"

Normally I never bug this guy, just a harmless loon. This time... seeing the young girls he was with (none of whom could have been more then 12 or 13 years old)... it bugged the hell out of me and I became sick of him instantly.

Wish there was a way to get him out of town in all honesty. He's a crime waiting to happen in my opinion. —WesOne

2010-07-26 01:28:31   I've seen Joe downtown near where James Anthony used to be recently —StevenDaubert

2010-07-26 19:27:50   And to continue the Sherman Spotting, he was across the street from Burgers and Brew, ranting as usual, and on top of all that, spoiling my meal... —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-07-26 22:45:14   I agree with many of the previous comments, I met Joe about 10 years ago when I was in undergrad at UCD, and I see him around often. His mental stability seems to have declined significantly over that time. I still consider him harmless, however that may not be the case for ever. —DagonJones

2010-07-29 21:08:56   He came into my shop the other day. He was as belligerent as ever. Honestly, I don't know whats up with this guy. He was going on about how he was abducted by the Davis PD and how he was held hostage. I asked how this had anything to do with his bike, and he insisted that people were vandalizing his bike regularly. I explained that his tire was just wearing thin from him locking up his wheels while braking (skidding like a 6 year old) and that there weren't any signs of vandalism. Oh boy, did I get it. He went on how he's been working on bikes forever and how I don't know what I'm talking about. He started to get very hostile, to the point where I was about to remove him from my store. Then he just walked out and mumbled something about calling the owner to complain. Can't wait for that call.


2010-07-30 18:34:05   I saw him a couple days ago downtown in the E street plaza loudly preaching to no one —StevenDaubert

2010-08-28 18:47:32   I see this guy everyday at his new job, which is a sign holder. Apparently he's been hired by El Mesquite (sp?) and the new froyo place next to it in the BelAir grocery store plaza in Woodland. He's always on the corner of Gibson and Pioneer playing air guitar with his sign and coming up with little jingles to sing when people pass by to get them to go into the restaurants. I see him all the time when I'm in downtown Davis and I always wondered how he gets money, but I guess it's by doing little odd jobs like this. Singing must be his thing, because the most memorable time I saw him, he was converting well known pop songs (and an occasional rap song-I forget which ones, but they always play over the radio) into religious songs by singing Christian lyrics to the same beat as the song. My friends and I stayed and watched while as we ate our Baskin Robbins. —natalie0927

2010-08-29 10:19:21   Yeah, the E Street Plaza shouting seems to be a new thing. Note carefully that he doesn't do it regularly, but ONLY when there's a plaza concert going on (to the annoyance of the audience). For someone who claims to be 'under surveillance', he's certainly doing his best to attract as much attention to himself as possible.

Oh, he's got new tutoring flyers up now, too. —Flynn

  • He's been doing it for about 5 years now that I know of, but he moves around a lot to other locales as well. — Wes

2010-09-16 18:17:36   Loudly preaching at E plaza last Friday —StevenDaubert

"2010-10-27 - Is seems Crazy Joe has expanded his territory, as I saw him at 11th and L streets (across from the Capitol) in Sacramento yesterday, preaching loudly to no one in particular. I guess he is taking his message to a larger, more urban audience. If he were internet savvy, he would start "" and upload streaming video of his rants to a worldwide audience.

The good news...every hour he spends in Sacramento is another hour he is not ruining my outdoor lunch at Chipotle or my dessert at Baskin Robbins whenever he does his screaming rants at the E Street plaza. - Calzephyr

2010-10-27 11:30:33   Man, I haven't run into this guy in probably 7 years. I guess I pick the right times to go downtown :) —TomGarberson

2011-04-19 03:08:50   Saw Joe at the Medieval Fantasy Faire this weeknd in Vacaville. As per his usual M.O., shouting his disjointed, rambling rants at the passersby. If they'd been smart, the Faire oganizers could have wrestled him into a 'village idiot' costume... —Flynn

2012-05-18 13:24:40   A female employee of mine said that Joe came up to her, took pictures of her and her vehicle, and told her she was under arrest for "code violation". I hope this isn't the start of a new trend... —JimStewart

2012-07-13 10:14:23   I have known Mr. Sherman for years, and have seen him deteriorate in his ability to function. Probably burdened with a personality disorder including significant paranoid ideations, he has irritated so many people for such a long time that all the real estate businesses in Davis and most in Woodland have restraining ordenances lodged against him. Numerous churches, including ours, have let him know that he is not welcome. He even took a phone call during the sermon one Easter Sunday and did business for some three minutes while the pastor stood quietly waiting for him to finish, since he was speaking so loud, right in the middle of the sanctuary, that the pastor could not continue. —RobertLittle

2012-07-14 22:09:29   I wanted to add where I have most frequently seen Joe since I did not see it anywhere in the recent comments. Besides downtown and last week at the Covell Nugget, I have seen him in the stands the last two seasons at the Davis Little League fields. He was making notes and it made me a little nervous that he appeared to be putting the players names in his notebook (not completely sure, but it is pretty easy since most of them have their last name on their jerseys and we all call them by their first name when they are batting). The last time he was sitting in the stands at our games in May he turned around and took a picture of a mother who was talking to my wife and they did not even notice he took the picture. While somewhat innocuous I am a little concerned and wanted to make other DLL parents aware. —BigGuy

2012-09-02 00:06:39   Having lived in Davis for nearly a decade I have run into Joe Sherman many times. Everyone has their story and opinion about him. Personally I find him interesting, amusing, and a tool in order for people to practice patience. Obviously there is a time and place for everything and I know that he pushes those limits. Sometimes I will listen to him when he tries to engage me, rarely will I try and have a conversation but rather offer a short statement usually I try something nonsensical but non confrontational while making my exit and that has worked for me. I have played basketball with Joe Sherman before which ended in a heated discussion revolving around my opinion that Paul McCartney was the most overrated of the Beatles (apparently Joe really likes Paul), I have seen him doing sign waving in Woodland, juggling, preaching, biking, dancing, singing, etc. I interviewed him briefly for the California Aggie back in 2004 but was told (by my editor) that it would not be a good idea to include him in the story. That all being said I believe he does feed on the attention that we give him so we are all part of the reason for his actions. —RobertYoung

Joe was outside of new nugget, preaching loudly and singing. He was crowding out the boy scouts who were tabling and making lots of folks nervous, when a nugget employee was talking with him he loudly started talking about the conspiracy ~SD

2012-10-10 10:23:36   Pretty sure I just saw AND heard him do "Stairway to Heaven", both vocal and instrumental parts. Now he's doing U2's "Pride (in the Name of Love)." —HarrisonM

2012-10-12 18:22:27   Joe barged into our office and another one in the same building and asked if anyone was hiring. When our manager said no, Joe asked to speak with the owner or person in charge of hiring. The manager said he handled hiring and repeated that we weren't hiring. Joe raised his voice and appeared a little threatening. Two of our staff came out of their offices to see what was going on. Joe seemed angry and frustrated as he left our office and headed down the hallway to another office. I couldn't help but think of the Jimi Hendrix song: "Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand." —nowhereman

two days ago around 16:30 Joe was seen ontop of the poleline over crossing attempting to enlighten the motorized masses of highway 80. He was gesticulating at his sign that details the conspiracy that he affixes whenever he does solo protests ~SD

Yesterday night Joe was playing some bitchin' air guitar on Gst during the hour of the drunks ~SD

3/17/13: Joe Sherman was doing some christ related singing at the Whole foods side of the 1st and Richards intersection ~SD

Joe Sherman posted up next to University of Beer, singing his heart out. It's a conspiracy ~SD


I grew up across the street from Joe Sherman. He was a shy kid. Normal as far as I know. He was quite intelligent. If I remember correctly he was the valedictorian of his class. His mother still lives across the street from us. It saddens me to read all this. I am sure it would break her heart to see some of the comments.  She is a VERY active volunteer for NAMI ( National organization for the mentally ill). Her sons illness has had a great impact on their relationship and she does not see him often.He refuses to take medication.   She is a very kind person and we consider her to be part of our family. People please remember even the most fringe of society may have family out there that do love them. 

2021-07-03 20:01:50   I manage a cafe in davis and he threatened to cut off one of my employees heads because she is mexican. Also threatened my assistant manager after he stepped in. Said "I'll come back and cut your throat ear to ear" we have a protective restraining order against him as most businesses do downtown. Dont engage and keep your kids and wives away. —PandoraBrown