John Reedy is a local businessman who graduated from UC Davis in 1997. While attending UC Davis, he was involved in various campus organizations and held several positions — including business manager of the California Aggie (1996-97), ASUCD Controller (1994-95), and Director of the student lecture series (Student Forums). He was also a part of ASUCD Court Case #14. The facts surrounding The Informer seem eerily similar to The Davis Enforcer.

Prior to graduating he founded DesignWorks and SoliSys. (DesignWorks was later sold.)

SoliSys owned the domain name from 1996 through to 2008. They refused to transfer ownership to The Aggie, which Reedy says was due to the ownership being "goverend[sic] by contract". This caused some concern among later Aggie staff as he was previously business manager of the California Aggie. In 2008, The Aggie moved its site to a new domain, after being unable to obtain the domain back from SoliSys. now points to a domain reseller.

After graduating, he co-founded Aria Communications and U.S. Housing; where he remains active.


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2013-10-04 14:13:12   What's the big deal about owning ""? Couldn't "the Aggie" use ""? "The Daily Californian" uses ".org" in its domain name.

If anyone gets confused, they should realize that "the California Aggie" is non-profit, just like "the Daily Californian".

Still, this cybersquatting stuff is pretty shady. I don't know if I feel comfortable trusting this guy. —gdnystrom