Jon Li is campaigning for a seat on the Davis City Council in 2010.

Davis needs to move in some new directions. I have some ideas.


  • elect Joe Krovoza to the council; I am interested in the second seat.
  • improve communication within local government, by implementing “policy governance,” which the Davis Food Co-op board has been using for over a decade; policy governance emphasizes the council staying on top of the big picture rather than the micromanagement this council rails on about.
  • to deal with the current institutional and financial crisis, implement the Viable System Model analysis for the design of a new city governance structure, exploring ideas not limited to a city charter, district elections, a popularly elected mayor, and term limits.
  • I will not raise or spend any campaign contributions.
  • If elected, I will not run for re-election.


  • Political and Research consultant: city, county and state policy and planning since 1976
  • Consultant on Health and Welfare Policy, Assembly, California Legislature, policy analysis and problem solving: public assistance, social services, health services, and mental health services; budget analysis and program evaluation, 1975-6
  • Business Manager, Sutter-Yuba Bi-County Mental Health Services; responsible for administrative support and budgeting for a program which grew to $1.4 million; liaison with other county and state programs; active in the California Conference of Local Mental Health Directors as the only non-clinician administrator on the Research and Evaluation committee, 1973-5
  • Administrative Assistant, County Mental Health Service; staff support to 5 rural counties: El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras, Mono and Alpine, 1971-2
  • Researcher, Decision Making Information, an LA-based national public opinion poll/survey research firm, 1970
  • Management Intern, to the Chief Administrator, State Department of Mental Hygiene, 1969-70


  • BA, Economics and Political Science, University of California, Davis, 1971

    Interests: US macroeconomics, urban economics, public finance, California state and local government and politics, American voting behavior, survey research and other social science methodologies, and the role of computers in the workplace of the future; 1966 Freshman class Vice President – set up a communication network throughout the dorms; 1971: ran successful coalition campaign for ASUCD President, VP & 5 Senate seats; I know 5,000 Aggies.

Past Projects

  • invented and did media for “An Evening with Greg LeMond” at UCD Freeborn Hall in 1987, after he won his first Tour de France, 922 paid attendees
  • organized the first meeting of the Davis Community Network, July, 1993
  • produce and host “What’s Going On” public affairs tv show on Davis Community Television, weekly, 1986-8;
  • write and publish “The Test of Time”, a monthly analysis of local politics, 1989 to 1998, 2002
  • Davis Enterprise “Perspectives” weekly column, November 1998 – May 2000

Volunteer Activities in Local Government

  • Yolo County Health Council, 1981-2
  • City-UCD Student Liaison Commission, 1983-7
  • Davis 2000 Study Committee, 1984-6
  • City Community Computer Task Force, 1990-3
  • City Economic Development Task Force, 1991
  • Davis Citizens Plan Day, 5/16/92, organized with Lois Wolk, 60 people
  • DJUSD Education Technology committee, 1993-4
  • City Oral History Video Project, 1994-5
  • City Governance Task Force, 1994-6
  • elected to the Board, Davis Food Co-op, 2002-3
  • City Governance Task Force, 2004-5
  • City Business & Economic Development Commission, 2003-6
  • City Finance & Budget Commission, 2004

Jon Li, 1075 Olive Drive #4, Davis, 753-0352 /