Jonathan Ogata is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2009 ASUCD Election.

Candidate Statement

I pledge to be a Senator for the students, for the clubs, and for the organizations on the UCD campus.

I will work to understand your ideas, and your critiques, your wants and your needs, and most importantly I will work to understand you. It seems all to common for gaps to emerge between the students of a campus and their elected leadership, it is my goal to bridge this gap and reach out not only to the student but also to all organizations and clubs alike. I will work to be out in the quad talking to you and listening to you, and I will work to meet with club organizers to understand their needs and wants as well as yours. I will not hide within the walls of the ASUCD office waiting for you to come to me. I will do everything I can to come to you, because my office is not limited to the walls of ASUCD office, my office is this entire campus.

I am firm in the belief that the agenda of a Senator or any other public representative is not set by their own motives and ideals but is in fact driven and created by the wishes of their constituents. For this reason my agenda is quite simply to represent your agenda.

I will work towards: -lowering textbook costs through alternative option programs -maintaining funding for your clubs, sports and organizations through actions on the senate floor -increasing environmental awareness and sustainability through increased programs and events -improving campus lifestyle and enhancing your experience here as a student by understanding you and fighting for your wants and needs

If you elect me, I will fight for you in any and every way that I can. I am a senator for you, for your roommate, and for your friends. My name is Jonathan Ogata and I am Representing You."


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