Jonathan Yip was a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2012 ASUCD Election and Winter 2013 ASUCD Election who ran on the NOW Slate. He is the only senatorial candidate in ASUCD history to have came 7th place, runner-up, in both Fall and Winter elections, losing by only 35 and 67 votes respectively. It is important to note that he received the 4th most first votes in the winter 2013 elections defeating everyone but his own running mates. Yip would technically be the most popular non-elected student on campus.

He is currently serving as the Chair of Club Finance Council and the President of the International Student Club.

Winter 2013 Platform

Hello everyone! I’m Jonathan Yip and I’m running for ASUCD Senate with the NOW slate. I am a third year economics major from Milpitas, CA. I am running to be your ASUCD Senator because I love being an Aggie and I know ASUCD can do much more to enhance the academic and social experience of all students. I am determined to fully accomplish all my goals with the credibility of having served ASUCD for 8 consecutive quarters. I have served as vice-chair for the Club Finance Council, commissioner on the Business and Finance Commission, and member of the Outreach Assembly. These positions have given me extensive insight and knowledge in the daily operations and challenges of our student government.

This will be my second time running for ASUCD Senate. One of my goals in the last election was to bring BOBA MILK TEA to the CoHo. If elected I will still do that in addition to tackling new concerns brought up by students and clubs when I was running last time.

24/7 STUDYING AT THE SCC UC Davis is ranked the 8th public university in the nation, but when compared to other universities, we fall behind in providing adequate studying spaces for students. During midterm and finals season, the only existing 24-hour study room is jam-packed, leaving students with little to no quiet place to study. Once elected I’ll work with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to have the Student Community Center study spaces and the computer lab inside open all day and night. This will give more quiet studying spots for students who prefer to study at night.

CAMPUS EVENTS STRAIGHT TO YOUR PHONE As an officer and a member of multiple student organizations, one of the biggest challenges we face is publicity for our events. One of the most common ways to publicize events is through social media like Facebook. But what if we don’t have enough friends on Facebook to invite to the event? This new smartphone app will act as a universal campus calendar that allows all UC Davis clubs/organizations to publicize their events to every UC Davis student. This technological innovation will increase the efficiency and utility of campus organizations and resources in enhancing student life.

I am excited and blessed to have another opportunity to serve the student community. Together we can make this campus better.

Remember to vote JONATHAN YIP #1 and NOW #2-6 for ASUCD SENATE and SANDSTROM / BOTTOMS for PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT on February 19-22 at!

Find Jonathan on Facebook and learn more about his campaign

Fall 2012 Platform

Hey fellow Aggies!

My name is Jonathan Yip, a proud member of the NOW slate, and I want to be your next ASUCD Senator. I’m a third year Economics major from Milpitas, CA. On a typical weekend, you can find me playing a match of tennis or engaged in a match in league of legends. I have been involved with ASUCD in various capacities including the Business and Finance Commission and Outreach Assembly. I am also the Vice-Chairman of the Club Finance Council, the Treasurer of Pi Kappa Phi, and a member of Koinonia Christian Fellowship. As a Senator, I will continue to prudently reinvest student fees back to the UC Davis student community.

I want to serve as an ASUCD senator because I have loved being a part of this friendly campus for the past two years and I truly want to help students in their day to day life and champion for lower tuition. These are the platforms I plan to accomplish:

BRING BOBA MILK TEA AND THAI TEA TO THE COHO These popular Asian drinks are highly demanded, but students have to travel off-campus in order to buy it. The closest locations include Old Teahouse, KetMoRee, and Thai Canteen, but wouldn’t it be great to have them sold right at the center of the campus? As Senator, I will work with the Interim Director of the Coffee House to figure out a plan to get boba tea and thai tea served as beverage options. This will generate a lot more sales for the CoHo and deliver a convenient and delicious service to students.

CREATE A UNITED FRONT TO FIGHT TUITION HIKES Tuition has doubled since 2005 with the state cutting more and more funding. Attending college is becoming a luxury. It has been a year since the pepper spray event, and our Chancellor, the UC Regents have done nothing to alleviate our tuition hikes. As an ASUCD Senator, I plan to restructure ASUCD’s advocacy strategy to incorporate a more collaborative effort between all our lobbying groups. This will streamline communication creating a unified front fighting against tuition hikes. I will work with Lobby Corps and CALPIRG to recruit more students interested in advocacy to ensure UC Davis will have a strong presence and voice at the Capital and in every UC Regent meeting.

I am excited to serve you and will work tirelessly to strengthen our advocacy and bring milk tea (they kinda rhyme).

Please vote JONATHAN YIP #1 and my friends in NOW #2-5!



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2012-11-15 09:48:55   What is your stance on UC Davis rejoining UCSA in the fight against student debt, tuition hikes, and budget cuts? What is your stance on the denying of tenure to the only Vietnamese professor that specificially teaches on the Vietnamese diasporic experience on campus, Professor Valverde as a symptom of dysfunctional priorities in the administration which devalue her work and would rather invest in continuous construction on all UC campuses than allow remarkable faculty and staff to keep their jobs? What would you do to change that? —HannaFletcher