These are reviews of Jusco from 2007. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2007-01-07 12:59:15   Service sucks. They seem stingy about giving you more food even though its a BUFFET! I overheard the guy worker/owner tell a customer that tip isn't including in the meal and the guy placed a quarter on the counter for their rude service. I can understand the owners speaking Chinese and they pretty much want your money and they don't care if you enjoy the food. I'd rather wait in line at Fuji's than to come to this place. Their food is ok but their customer service sucks so bad, its not worth investing time or money into this place. —BeeBooBee

2007-01-21 12:54:53   This restaurant does pick favorite patrons who have loyally gone to their restaurant... I've gone too many times to count and they're always very courteous and polite to me and my friends! their cooked food is actually pretty good and the sushi i've had was great! —CalvinCheng

2007-02-03 21:45:22   It is a good alternative for Fuji Cheff —KaiWan

2007-02-25 02:10:10   I ate there for like the fifth time yesterday night with my cousin for dinner. I'm pretty sure they increased the price for dinner on weekends from $14 to $17 or something like that. I think that's absolutely steep and ridiculous considering I'd rather spend $12 or whatever at Fuji's for so much more variety, color, and taste. I could do without being given dirty looks from that manager or whatever that works there. I thought the nigiri was perfectly fine, different flavors from all the fish. The only rolls I think worth eating are Dragon and Rainbow. The Alaska, Philadelphia, Tekki, and Tempura Rolls aren't bad either. The rest seem pretty boring. The hot food (chicken wings, calamari, shrimp, chicken, eggrolls) is an interesting change of pace if you feel like eating random Chinese snacks. The old man there is very friendly particularly if you speak Cantonese to him. Never ever go here unless you are extremely desperate and craving a quick sushi fix. Eat as much as you can because $17 is robbery.

- I recently returned to Jusco's on October 6th, 2007. I woke up late that day so I didn't get in line like I normally do for Fuji's and my cousin and I still felt like eating sushi. After putting our name on the Fuji's list and waiting an hour, our efforts were fruitless. It would've been an additional hour before we would be seated. But everyone already knows that you have to either go to Fuji's early or really late in the afternoon to get in, we went around 12:30 PM and that was a mistake. Anyways, we decided for the hell of it go to Jusco's, and now they have lunch for $10.50, $11.35 after tax. That sounded like a steal, and for how much I ate, like 40 pieces of nigiri, it was well worth it. This place has a bad reputation, and I don't blame anyone for talking it down, but I'm sure the owner is trying to be better. As I've stated before, if you talk the old man in Cantonese, things generally go a lot smoother. If you can't speak Cantonese, bring a friend who can. The lunch menu is limited compared to the dinner menu, but they still have all the main cuts of fish, I absolutely loved the mackerel and albacore tuna nigiri, and all the typical rolls that everyone likes. The small plus is that they have random fried dishes if you want a break from sushi. Personally, the small selection of rolls was kind of a let down. I enjoy Fuji's colorful and hearty, although often disgustingly saucy, rolls. Jusco's has very boring and plain rolls, especially for lunch. However, all in all, I got my sushi fix, and it was cheap and fantastic. Recommended for lunch if Fuji's is way too packed. I still stand strong with my belief that this place is death for dinner. —CoreyPham

2007-05-02 12:52:01   I came into the restaurant, standing there for a good 7-10 minutes without service and they were not that busy either, so i left. —trambajuice

2007-05-02 20:36:36   We went here for the midweek "all you can eat" buffet. (Is it really a buffet if the food isn't laid out on a table?? Never mind, it was all you can eat, for around $13/person). I had been told that this was a great place for veggie sushi; this was true. The veggie dragon and veggie rainbow sushi were delish. However, the wonton soup had a weird flavor and teriyaki chicken didn't have a very good sauce. Apparently, if you want miso soup you have to go on the weekend... maybe next time. —CovertProfessor

2007-06-09 20:40:14   I thought this plae was awful. Get sushi at Moshi Moshi. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-07-11 17:13:16   I wouldnt go here for sushi, unless you're starving and have a craving for sushi buffet and Fuji's across the street is packed. —JoeLow

2007-08-13 00:32:30   I used to frequent this place until the owners pissed us off. We only wanted sashimi, but they forced the rice balls onto us(obviously to get us full). We decided to leave the balls of rice hidden in one of their plastic bags at the edge of the seat (kind of shady, yes), but they like to charge extra per uneaten item of food. After we paid and walked out, the owner rushed out and grabbed my friend by his collar. He dragged my friend back in and pointed at the plastic bag of rice (there was about 10 rice balls in there). We weren't going to pay extra for food we had already paid for. The onwer threatened to call the police. That's when we got pissed. The owner stood at the door and wouldn't let us out, demanding that we give him our IDs. Obviously, we declined and so he took a cell phone picture of my friend. We took off immediately and vowed never to go back. —AlXBoi

  • I hate Jusco, but you're completely in the wrong here. You knew about the policy before you came and you intentionally tried to sneak around it so you could have only sashimi. This is not a sashimi buffet, if you wanted that you should have went to Fuji's. The owner would have been well within his right to call the police. —MattHh
    • Wait. They charge extra if you don't eat something? Ethically, that makes sense, but wtf? What if you decide to box something up to take home after you've ordered more than you can eat? —SunjeetBaadkar
      • It's an all-you-can-eat buffet. You shouldn't have "more than you can eat". That's how any a-y-c-e place works, regardless.—JoePomidor

2007-10-25 22:58:31   This is my favorite restaurant in Davis— and the main page review of this restaurant is ridiculous. The staff is amazingly nice, and definitely appreciate people coming back. And why wouldn't you go back— the sushi is made fresh, not sitting out like it is at Fuji. And frankly, the quality is just better than Fuji, having been to both. The atmosphere is great, and they accommodate large parties as best they can because of the ingenious seating they have. This is a restaurant for people who actually *like* sushi— not just like being trendy and eating California rolls. AND they serve at G Street Pub, how awesome is that— just walk in, place and order, and they'll bring it over to you at the bar. —Sara1387

2007-10-28 15:02:11   I enjoyed Jusco because for someone who does not know his sushi, I was able to try many different things. I have been there multiple times and I haven't seen anything shady yet —DonGibson

2007-11-29 20:49:56   ew to the quality here. I wander if people make the assumption that just because the food is not foating in boats that it is fresh. The scalop tasted super fishy, the salmon was not fresh at all, and the potstickers tasted like my trash can smells right before i take it out. Just nasty. The service was fine though, wish i could say the same about the food.


2007-12-09 17:03:57   The nigiri here is prepared poorly. It doesn't seem like nigiri... just more like a cut fish slapped on top of a ball of rice. The salmon was not very tasty and even a little fishy at times compared to Nobu and Fuji's. The rolls here are okay, better than Fuji's and a little more detailed than Nobu, but they are cut too thick. The stirfry is tasty but very salty. For how high the price is at dinner, I don't see much reason to go here over Nobu unless you're in downtown and you don't have a car. For lunch, it's okay if you like their rolls and you don't want to wait in a line. The service is okay, though. —BrandonWong