KDVS DJs at Picnic Day 2005 Every year KDVS 90.3FM has a fundraiser from which they receive over two thirds of their operating budget. In exchange for your donation you get a "premium," a thank-you gift consisting of music, books, t-shirts, etc. that usually totals more than the amount of your pledge. We get this stuff from record labels, local businesses, etc. and you get a ton of it for supporting non-corporate community radio.

Just to make a better case of why we need this money...KDVS does not receive any taxpayer money. A lot of people think that because we are a "public" radio station, we do; but we don't. Much of the budget comes from ASUCD registration fees. On a per quarter basis, not quite a dollar per student goes to KDVS for our expenses. The next biggest part of our budget comes from listener contributions, and we only ask for donations for one week a year. This is it. A little bit more money comes from the support of local business sponsorship. We run a 9200 watt station with a big web presence on just under $100,000. The Stanford station is 1/20th the power and runs on 3.5 times that. So it's very important to have the support, and there's so much we do to deserve it. Please keep donating and help us out...thanks!RickEle


A flyer for the 2012 fundraiser.


KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis is gearing up for its annual fundraiser. This year's Fundraiser will occur Monday, April 23rd through Sunday, April 30th. As you may or may not know, KDVS is the UCDavis student/community radio station. It is truly one of the last bastions of freeform radio in the country.

What is freeform, you may ask. Simply put: Music DJs, public affairs hosts, and news reporters have complete control over what they broadcast. KDVS DJs are not required to adhere to a song rotation or broadcast information that has been prescribed to us by an overseeing entity.

On average, about 1/2 to 2/3 of the KDVS annual operating budget comes from contributions made by our listeners, families, and friends during our fundraiser drive. You can help KDVS reach it's 2012 goal of $60,000 by pledging your support and $$s.

Telephone, Toll Free: 877-399-5387 Telephone, Local: 530-754-5387

Online: http://fundraiser.kdvs.org/

As a token of appreciation, our donors have the choice of selecting gifts in exchange for their contribution. These gifts range from T-shirts, music packages, gift certificates, to DJ services. You can check everything out at http://fundraiser.kdvs.org/


2010 Fundraiser

The KDVS fundraiser, 2010 will be held from April 19th to April 25th. Recommended levels are $25 dollars for students and $40 for community members. The fundraiser goal this year is $60,000 dollars. During the week of fundraiser you can call 1-530-754-5387 or log on to KDVS.org

This years theme is LET FREEFORM RING. We are one of the strongest communities keeping alternative sources of news and media alive. YOUR voice is what matters. YOU need to be informed. YOU are our blood veins.

2009 Fundraiser

The 2009 fundraiser was held April 20th through Arpil 26th. Recommended pledge levels are, as always, $25 for students and $40 for community members. The fundraiser goal for this year is $60,000. During the week of the fundraiser, you can call 1-877-399-KDVS {5387} or log on to the official fundraiser website, http://fundraiser.kdvs.org.

This year's theme is A SOUND INVESTMENT because KDVS is a valuable and unique asset to the community that can be relied upon to provide a high return in the form of a vast array of entertainment. The KDVS staff works 24/7 to make sure that your donation results in amazing music, insightful news and public affairs programming, and great sports broadcasts.

2008 Fundraiser

The 2008 fundraiser was held April 21st to the 27th. The fundraising goal for this year was $75,000.

This year's theme was HOMEMADE IN DAVIS, CA because our DJs put so much work into their shows and helping the station run. We don't outsource a lot of work - for instance, our website is mainted by own KDVS webmaster, our audio and broadcasting equipment is maintained by own our KDVS engineers, and our designs are done by our own KDVS design team.

2007 Fundraiser

This year's theme was RADIO JUSTICE FOR ALL, and we raised over $73,000 thanks to our genorous listners and supporters.

What happened

- Punk Roge and Riot sang punk songs about you

- AWESOME CD packages—from Miles Davis to Of Montreal to Rites of Spring to Johnny Cash to Beck to Ozomatli, the RZA and Mastadon. Simply put we have something for everyone.

- Interesting freebies such as fondue sets and fondue books, toasters, vintage 60s ottomans, suitcases, classic novels, great videos, decorative vinyl by the pound, 45s and tons of other stuff.

- The DJ compilation package with comps made by KDVS favorites like DJs Mucky, Rick,Megan, Janie, Maggie Cat, and many more! Plus a special local music compilation put together by KDVS Recordings

- Art Lessing and the Flower Vato snorted cayenne pepper for every $100 donated to the station! That's hot!

- Local Favorites Buildings Breeding do a fundraiser show on Live in Studio A Thursday night

A few of KDVS' great premiums for 2007:

History of the Fundraiser

The KDVS fundraiser is a yearly tradition that began in 1993 as the result of ASUCD budget cuts. The fundraiser is an integral part of KDVS' current operations, with listener donations amounting for 65% of the their yearly budget. The size and amount of funds pulled in during the fundraiser have increased over the years. In 1997, KDVS raised $12,000. Their 2004 fundraiser goal was $55,000, and they pulled in $50,000 (with the addition of an unofficial 'second week'). In 2005 the fundraising goal was $60,000 and they fundraised $60,056 during the week and on June 6th they had noted $62,590 in funds on their website. In 2006, the goal was raised again to $65,000, which was met about 1 hour before the deadline. The total for the week was $66,177. The 2007 goal of $70,000 was reached at approximately 10:30PM on the last day of the fundraiser.

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