A PSA stands for "Public Service Announcement." KDVS plays PSA's as a free service to the community to inform the community of events and services available to them, as well as other facts they may find useful. There are four types of PSA's: events, community service, health notices, and general information. If you are interested in having a PSA made then contact TeddyBriggs at psa@kdvs.org.

Volunteers traditionally create KDVS PSAs. The guidelines for creating a PSA are:

  • 1. No mention of price can be made. The only exception is if something is free.
  • 2. No qualitative terms can be used. This means not attributing a non-measurable quality to something: coolest, best, grooviest, good, and so on. Mentioning how long something has been established or has been around has been deemed a qualitative term by the FCC because the implication of experience is evident. Please keep your PSA objective in its wording.
  • 3. No calls to action. You can not command anyone to do anything. Do not say, "Join us," "Come to our event," or "Call this number." However, "Those interested can join us," and "For more information call this number," are acceptable, because rather than command, they simply state facts.
  • 4. The PSA should be no longer than 1 minute. The shorter it is the more often it will likely be played.

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See also Davis Wiki PSA for our own attempt at creating a PSA.