KDVS ran a contest in 2007 inviting people to take a picture of themselves or their friends wearing your KDVS shirts in exotic locations, awkward poses or some silly situation. The goofiest and most impressive photos were awarded with new T-shirts and other KDVS goodies. The winners were also printed in the next issue of KDViationS and posted on their website.

Contest Announcement

KDVS is all about involving its listeners with its projects. Now we want to see how the community involves us in their lives.

If you don't yet have a KDVS T-shirt, you better buy one now! Come down to KDVS, in 14 Lower Freeborn Hall on campus, during business hours and we can hook you up, or send a $12 check with color and size preferences to the address below. But if you buy them in person, they only cost $10. There are a variety of sizes, colors and styles (some of which can be viewed on the homepage).

The contest ends Friday, March 9, 2007. Winners will be printed and announced later that month, at the beginning of spring quarter.

To submit photos, e-mail the KDVS publicity directors at publicity@kdvs.org or send mail to:

KDVS 90.3 FM ATTN: Shirt Contest 14 Lower Freeborn Hall Davis, CA 95616

Please note: KDVS affiliates are encouraged to participate in the contest, but not eligible to win.