Television Channels
UHF 31, Cable 12, Digital 21
On-Air Name
CW 31
2713 KOVR Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95605-1600
N 38° 15' 54.00", W 121° 29' 24.00"
Just northeast of Walnut Grove
Transmitter Power
KMAX-TV (Analog): 5000 kW ERP
KMAX-DT (Digital): 850 kW ERP
Parent Company
CBS Television Stations
Administration - (916) 374-1313
Newsroom - (916) 921-3019
Fax - (916) 643-4809
Stockton Bureau - (209) 466-6985

A local television station, and an affiliate of The CW Television Network. During the MLB (baseball) regular season, this station is the home to many SF Giants and Oakland A's games. Additionally, CW 31 produces the morning news program "Good Day Sacramento". Their coverage of UCD and city events is pretty good.

KMAX-TV began as an Independent station. It became KRBK in the late 1980s after abandoning it's change from an Independent station to a Spanish-language station. With a purchase by Koplar Broadcasting, it became an Independent station once again, competing directly with KTXL.

In 1994, KRBK was purchased by Pappas Broadcasting and changed its call letters to KPWB. In 1995, it was affiliated with the Warner Brotheres television network. In the late 1990s, KPWB station-swapped with KQCA 58 and became KMAX-TV, Sacramento's UPN affiliate. When UPN closed up shop, KMAX-TV became a charter CW affiliate.

KMAX-TV prides itself on hosting the number one morning news program in the Sacramento metro area, "Good Day Sacramento." GDS runs from 6AM to 10AM on weekdays, competing (and winning) against tape-delayed programs on KCRA, KXTV and KOVR. KMAX-TV has made personalities out of its anchors and reporters—most notably, entertainment reporter and former 102.5 FM DJ Mark S. Allen. Allen once spent an entire month on a billboard in a stunt for GDS, in which he fell twice and broke both his arms. Anchor Marianne McClary and traffic reporter Tina Macuah are the only two personalities on GDS who were on the very first broadcast. In mid-2005, GDS celebrated ten years of being on the air and eagerly looked to the future when its broadcasts would take place in the studios of KOVR-TV following a merger with KOVR and CBS Television.

Over Memorial Day weekend in 2006, the duopoly with KOVR was further solidified when KMAX-TV moved its broadcast and production assets to KOVR's building. Instead of building a new set, however, the "Good Day Sacramento" set pieces were dismantled and reassembled in the KOVR Drive studio. The only visual cues that they're in a new building is a redesigned Mega Map and newsroom. Previous Mega Map incarnations were canvas mats; the new one is painted on the floor. The newsroom has more of a KOVR feel, with a plasma-screen in the background bearing the "Good Day Sacramento" logo.

In 2004, KMAX-TV ended "Good Evening Sacramento", the predecessor to UPN 31 Action News. This was UPN 31's answer to a primetime newscast. Today, KMAX-TV is the only channel affiliated with a network in the Sacramento metro area that does not have a primetime newscast.

The station was rebranded "CW 31" on August 7, 2006. No word yet if there will be more meterologists break dancing to celebrate.

The station is owned by CBS Television Stations, and is part of a duopoly with KOVR. In the event that CBS programming can't be seen on KOVR, or if KOVR must pre-empt programming to air breaking news, the programming is shown on KMAX-TV.

Davis is a candidate for a segment entitled "Allentown" in which Mark S. Allen interacts with the locals and checks out attractions. Viewers can vote for Davis among two other cities (Ripon, Sheridan) by visiting before January 22nd.