90.9 MHz FM
FCC callsign
Studio: California State University, Sacramento
Transmitter: Somewhere north of Sacramento
Transmitter Power
50 kW
(916) 278-8900 Business
(877) 480-5900 Business
(916) 278-JAZZ (5299) Jazz Studio
Affiliate of/Syndicates
NPR CPB PRI American Public Media
Web Site

KXJZ is a local radio station that plays jazz. It is one of the local carriers for Capitol Public radio and has their studios at CSU Sacramento. Thay have an internet stream. Check out the Best of KXJZ's Insight

Other stations include:

  • KKTO 90.5 Tahoe City
  • KUOP 91.3 Stockton
  • KQNC 88.1 Quincy

They are also partnered with KXPR which plays classical music.


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Hey hey! Good station. —StevenDaubert Anyone catch puzzle master at all?