Kabir Kapur is a former ASUCD Senator elected in the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election He ran as an independent.

Kabir Kapur is a third year Political Science major and Philosophy and Education double-minor from El Sobrante, CA. He has served as an intern for ASUCD Senator Ozzy Arce, ASUCD Senator Andre Lee, as an Internal Affairs Commissioner, Chief of Staff for ASUCD Senator Patrick Sheehan and the Lobby Corps Communications Assistant.

Candidate Statement

Hello Fellow Aggies,

My name is Kabir Kapur and I am a second-year Political Science and Philosophy double-major from the Bay Area. I am running for ASUCD Senate because I love UC Davis and I love ASUCD, and I want to make sure that our student government does as much as possible to positively impact the life of every student on our campus.

ASUCD Experience: -Intern for Senator Ozzy Arce -Intern for Senator André Lee -Internal Affairs Commissioner -Lobby Corps Communications Assistant -Chief of Staff for Senator Patrick Sheehan


INCREASE ASUCD’S ACADEMIC INVOLVEMENT ASUCD has the ability to contribute more to the academic lives of students than it currently does. One problem I have seen on campus is students not having enough information about a class before registering for it. A way that I propose to solve this would be to work with the Academic Senate to require that professors make the syllabus for their class available online before class registration. This would ensure that students have a concrete idea of the topics and workload of the courses they are considering registering for. By developing a working relationship between the Academic Senate and ASUCD, solutions to academic issues such as this and others could be found.

EMPOWER STUDENT ADVOCACY Tuition hikes and budget cuts are no strangers to UC Davis students and ASUCD must take a more direct role in serving students by fighting for and defending higher education. A unified front is needed on our campus to be able to focus on Sacramento and demand more funding from our elected representatives in the state legislature. I propose that we work together with faculty and the administration and reach out to as many groups and individual students as possible to fight this fight for higher education. ASUCD needs to be a beacon for advocacy on our campus. I will find ways to increase student involvement in ASUCD advocacy units such as Lobby Corps to create a stronger presence at the Capitol. I also propose that we reach out to and connect with alumni, especially those in government positions, with the help of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, to help support UC Davis' lobbying efforts. Through building a unified coalition on our campus, we can move forward together towards receiving more state funding.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please feel free to contact me: (510)-915-1567, kkapur@ucdavis.edu, or find me on Facebook.

Please VOTE KABIR KAPUR #1 for ASUCD SENATE & Bree Rombi and Amy Martin for President/Vice-President


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