Kaia FIT Davis
Think of Kaia F.I.T. as a team sport. We are not your typical gym. We are not a room full of strangers. Sure, YOU drive to a gym, YOU show up every day and YOU pay for it, but once there you are surrounded by a group of individuals. At Kaia we focus on personal results achieved by working in a team atmosphere. Here, you are surrounded by women helping each other accomplish common goals.
inside Davis Athletic Club, membership at DAC not required to join Kaia
1809 Picasso Avenue
Near the intersection of Pole Line and Covell
5:00am, 6:00am, 9:00am, 5:30pm
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2014-07-02 07:49:40   I cannot say enough great things about Kaia Fit Davis! I have a lower back injury so I need a few modifications. I never have been made to feel like I should be able to do something by the coaches or the other ladies in class. If there is something I cannot do or shouldn't do a modifications is always waiting for me to keep me moving. I have been enjoying Kaia for just a little over 3 months and have seen great results! I am stronger today then I was yesterday kind of feeling! The camaraderie and encouragement you are surrounded with at Kaia stands out ten fold to any other program out there! It will not disappoint! —MandyWittenberg