The Stefanis rock the stage with their rendition of "Hollaback Girl" at the G Street Pub.

Karaoke is the ancient Japanese art of looking like an idiot while intoxicated. It is also a fantastic time with friends, and you can sometimes hear incredible talent. Literally meaning "empty orchestra", you are handed a microphone and sing the lyrics presented to you on a screen while a track with low or non-existant vocals accompany you. It's a great way to get to know people better and satisfy your secret fantasy of being Frank Sinatra. Even if you sound like Jerry Lewis.

Sometimes you'll run into some really interesting characters, like Jimmy the Carrot or Lamar Heystek.

Going Out

Karaoke is available on various nights at locations around town.

There are also many places in Sacramento that offer karaoke, notably Faces.

G Street Wunderbar

Karaoke starts at 9pm at G Street, but doesn't really get going until after 10. Karaoke night at bars means no cover. You can transpose music to lower or higher keys (1/2-step increments) in case your vocal range won't quite let you hit those high or low notes.

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month: RockOn! Live Band Karaoke (Full live band, you pick the song and get to be the lead singer). Kicks off around 9:30 or so.

Plainfield Station

Every Tuesday

Karaoke Begins at 8PM and goes until Midnight (a bit later if there's a crowd) The song selection is the same as the show at G St. pub, so if you're used to that show you're in luck! Get there early and try the Tacos!


In Dixon

Karaoke every Thursday night 8:30PM to 12AM - Huge song list and a great crowd! The building is over 150 years old but still a great place to hang out!

Staying In

There's no need to go out to sing, you can get a machine or machine and DJ for your party. Karaoke parties can be fun with the right crowd of people— but be forewarned, you will hear "Total Eclipse of the Heart" no fewer than 3 times before the night is ended.

You can rent a karaoke machine from Kline Music (right across the street from Sac City College in Sacramento). It's $35 a night to rent just the machine (with 2 microphones) from them— if you need a monitor, it's $15 extra (but the monitor isn't necessary if you've got a TV with A/V input— they'll even supply the cables). The rental price includes 5 CDGs (which each have about 10-15 songs) , but you can rent extras for $2 each.

E. Brattesani Enterprises also offers karaoke services. Unconfirmed

Most Karaoke DJs (or KJs) who work out of bars sometimes hire out for parties; just ask them for their card.