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Kate Miller Property Management specializes in professional residential and income property management in the Davis and Midtown Sacramento areas.

What's your experience with Kate Miller Property Management?

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2012-04-23 10:41:03   No experience with the actual property management, never got the chance! Incredibly difficult to rent from - 1) wouldn't respond to emails in a timely fashion, 2) limited times when she would show a place (don't try evenings) 3) showed up 20 minutes late to an appointment I made at her convenience, 4) insistent on only leasing rentals to/from September even when they're available at other times of the year (i.e. if available in May, you would have to sign a 4 or 16 month lease...really?). I hope she manages her properties better - I can't speak to that, but I would be worried if I was an owner. I was ready to lease a place that was empty for 4 months, but got fed up with the lack of professionalism and unadvertised lease restrictions. —FillDogg

2012-06-21 14:02:40   My experience with Kate Miller Porperty Management was atrocious. I would recommend almost any other of the property management groups to rent from. My experience basically contains all the negatives of a bad landlord. Lets begin with attitude. If you are a student, she will treat and talk to you like a child. She talks down to you and will seek to take advantage of you. An example of this is when we had issues damages to the house we lived in. During my stay there was damage to the floor in the bathroom. Kate Miller specifically recommend a contractor to the land owner that fixed the issue. Weeks later the floor began to peel up and she attempted to blame the damage on water seeping into the floor and warmping the wood under it. The floor was in a bathroom next to the shower, which SHOULD be waterproof, right? When we owners came I called an independent contractor who reviewed the floor and said that not only was the install of the floor shoddy which led to the failure, but the land owners overpaid. Another issue is the amount of illegal entry and invasion of privacy as well as lack of warning that Kate Miller does. There are numerous occassions where she would just walk into the backyard and go through the back door to try and gain entry to the house unannounced(because front door was brokenish/hard to open). Which is illegal since she has to give 24 hour notice. She also is completely unhelpful with pest issues. We had a cockroach infestion which we complained to her many times but everytime we talked to her she would be unresponsive. As a result we had to fix it ourselves. I recommend raid, botttle with the electronic shooter so there is no pumping. Does the job. Anyway, she also upon my attempt to resign my lease with 3 new members to fill the house, she just rejected my forms and filled the house with a older couple. That couple noted to me recently that they will not resign a lease because of how horrible she is, which they were intending to live there for multiple years. All in all, I would recommend that you stay as far away from Kate Miller as possible. Also she has not updated her contact photograph on her website in say 30 years... —ArtherLee

2012-07-18 16:54:58   I hired Kate Miller to manage a property I own. I let her go recently because she made the unfortunate mistake of signing a lease that exempted the tenant from paying City services (water, sewer, garbage) despite my explicit written directive that WSG was to be paid by the tenant. I am partly to blame, in that I did not request a copy of the final lease agreement to review prior to it being signed. Let that be a lesson to anyone hiring a property manager for the first time — review the FINAL lease document prior to signatures. Mistakes happen, and I wasn't planning on posting a review, but the tenant just forwarded me an email from Kate that I did not find very complimentary. Not very professional of a property manager to make disparaging remarks about the owner to the tenant. To her credit Kate responded to all my questions quickly, though the responses were occasionally difficult to decipher. Also, her rate of 8% rental income is very competitive. —EliSarnat

2012-09-04 11:14:00   The worst landlord I have ever had. Not helpful at all, will not do any work for her tenants. She would show up to our house unannounced, which is illegal, to check things and just walk in without knocking, as if she lived there. If anything needs to be fixed on the house, expect to do it yourself. If you can live any other place, do it. Don't deal with what I went through. —VinceYovino

2012-09-28 13:37:54   I definitely discourage renting any property from Kate Miller Property Management. Her attitude was extremely rude from the very beginning, she was very inconsistent with her responses, and overall very unpleasant. I rented an apartment in the building 212 University Ave. When I walked in on my move-in day, there were 1. Doors missing. 2. Lights in the bathroom do not turn on, even with new lightbulbs. 3. Kitchen Oven had old food inside 4. Wall paint was still wet, etc. Throughout the rest of the year, we had even more problems, including : lights going out, no hot water, if we plug in one small/energy saving heater, the entire apartment's lights went out, the upstair's bathroom leaked and brown water started dripping from our ceiling, ruining all our furniture. As we tried to contact Kate to help us with these problems, another man, who is the property owner, would show up unannounced, come in with his shoes on, put his nephew on the kitchen table, and walk around the house speaking on the phone very loudly. With every case, we had several people visit the house and it would always take several days to resolve just one issue. Because of this, after a while, I stopped trying to contact Kate with every issue we had with the apartment. I agree with the earlier comment, stay as far away from Kate Miller as possible. —StephenRyan

2014-01-28 13:49:34   Let me start by saying: I made a DavisWiki account specifically to write this review. If any of you are looking to rent from this lady, please do yourself a LARGE favor and AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS. You would be better off living in a hotel for a month until you find a place than rent from her. At least read this review, then consider if you would like to place yourself in a likely awful predicament. First off: she is incredibly rude. In all of my contact with her she was short, refused to face house problems that needed to be faced, and was completely disrespectful. Second: she will take an obscene (and against her own lease contract) amount from your security deposit. I JUST FINISHED TAKING HER TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT and received all of the $717 that she unlawfully took from. Let me explain here: I gave her the option of settling the dispute outside of court, BUT SHE REFUSED. Actually I should quote her email: “I guess I will see you in court.” Onto court we went. Preface: I am a graduate student and have NO time to miss school, yet had to miss a couple days of school to deal with this bologna. She was fully aware of this, yet mandated we go to court. In the end, I could write a 32 page essay explaining why you should not rent from her and other encounters my friends have had with this lady (similar to mine minus the desire to take her to court due to the amount of time it takes to file a small claims lawsuit), but I will save you the time. DO NOT RENT FROM HER!! —Courtny