Kearney Hall is one of the two four-story residence hall buildings that make up Tercero South Residence Halls. Most of its spacious (approximately 200 square feet) rooms are shared by three residents. All of the rooms have air-conditioning, and require a card/key to unlock.

Construction was completed in 2005. It was known as "Building 1" until 2006, when it was named for Patricia Kearney, the former executive director of undergraduate housing. Should the building ever be fortified against zombie attack, it will be renamed again to Fort Kearney.

As of the 2022-2023 school year, Kearney Hall is home to the LEADR living learning community as well as the engineering shared interest community (SIC) and its female only section. LEADR occupies the first floor, the engineering SIC occupies the second and third floors, and the female only engineering SIC occupies the fourth floor.