If this phenomenon is a creation of the mind, then on what level and why are so many different individuals in so many countries communicating in so many languages perceiving such very similar scenes and events and describing similar contacts? If the events perceived are not real then we have a world-wide psychosis of great proportion which itself deserves a lot more study than it is getting. If this is not a world-wide psychosis then it just may be real, in which case it is imperative that we understand exactly what is going on as soon as possible so as to make urgent plans to confront the situation.

Keep on Trawlin' explores the cosmic journey of four intergalactic fishermen—Jeff Kimmich, Jed Learned, Tyson Nichols and Dan Wooldridge. Their aim: to get a mellow-crunk buzz while dragging a proverbial net across the universe. When on Earth for the first time, they became acquainted with Los Ojos, whose harsh they mellowed.