Kemper Hall is named for John D. Kemper, former dean of the College of Engineering 1. This is where some engineering students at UCD spend most of their days (and nights). Computer Science students live in the basement labs dungeon, with new grad students in the Grad Cave. Some say that there is a spaceship underground at the heart of the building. It is part of the College of Engineering.

In the lobby there have been displays about the concrete canoe and a UAV built by the UAV Group 2004. The displays change over time as new projects are completed. One of the stairwells on the west side has doors that open onto a shaft that can be used for hoisting equipment into the building (or practicing rope rescue and rappeling).

The new lobby in Kemper Hall, which replaced the old one that actually had comfy places to sleep. =(

Stuff in this Building

Kemper's basement is home to many 'lasers'. Human-powered vehicle built by students on display in the lobby

Kemper Hall, which opened in 1992, was formerly known as Engineering Unit 2, aka EU II, EU][ , "Engineering 2" or simply "Engineering" for some. If you look closely at the picture, you can see where they popped the "II" off.

Kemper is also the home to Computer Science Club and Game Development & Arts Club, often doing all their things in rooms 1127 & 1131.

Little-known fact: There is an honest to goodness surgery robot in the basement of this building. Better-known fact: There are no medical students working in this building (or at least not that I know of). Draw your own conclusions.

Other buildings in the College of Engineering include Bainer Hall and EU III.

Trivia: A scene from the movie Teknolust was filmed in this building.

Some of us old timers remember when the building was called EU II. So we've found EU II and EU III. We've also noticed the same pattern with the dorms: Segundo, Tercero, Cuarto, (and Primero Grove is the newest and it's apartments). So we really want to know: why does this school only start counting with 2?


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My understanding is that Bainer was the first Engineering building and hence "Engineering I"

Actually the first engineering building was Walker Hall and if you look at the name above the door on it still says "ENGINEERING" even though the is obsecured by trees and the building has long since been converted for other uses.AshleyOrsaba

My previous statement is only somewhat misleading. Bainer wasn't the first Engineering building, but it was formerly named "Engineering Unit I" -AlexGarbutt

According to my parents (alums of UCD), there used to be an old residence hall called Primero, which was only recently torn down and rebuilt as Primero Grove. (Correct me if I'm wrong anyone)

The original Primero was used as a dorm through the early 1990's. It was torn down in the mid 1990s, and replaced with Primero Grove a few years later. -IDoNotExist


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