Kendra Smith was one of the founding members and lead singer of The Suspects while at UC Davis during the '70s. After leaving Davis for UCLA with Steve Wynn, bassist Kendra Smith helped found Dream Syndicate in 1981; Dream Syndicate built up huge critical success and a solid fan base, but in April 1983 Kendra left the band and was replaced by David Provost.

After her departure, Kendra went on to become one of the creative forces behind the California psychedelic band Opal in the mid-'80s before forming the Guild of Temporal Adventurers for one eponymous EP in 1992, then debuting as a solo artist in 1995 with the release of Five Ways of Disappearing. Learn about other local musicians who've left a significant musical impression on our page of Significant Davis Bands.

Associated Bands

  • Dream Syndicate
  • Opal
  • Rainy Day