Hunt Hall Courtyard, Institute not visible from this angle.

The Ketchum Institute for Pokémon Studies is part of the UC Davis College of Ag. Researchers work on various aspects of pokémon-human interactions, including capture and optimum training techniques. They also work with various aspects of pokémon husbandry, producing new evolved forms. UC Davis is responsible for evolving the first Charizard, one of the center's most well known accomplishments.

The center studies all sorts of pokémen, but it is particularly well known for its study of ground pokémen.

The center is located on campus in the courtyard of Hunt Hall, near the Plant and Environmental Sciences Building. The area is currently undergoing renovation to add an additional pokémon gym.

The Ketchum Institute cooperates with the Davis Pokémon Center, cohosting the annual Adopt-a-Pokémon fundraiser with them. And coming this winter, Professor Oak will offer a course on training at the Experimental College.

Be sure to drop by on Picnic Day — they have a giveaway, and you could draw a ball with one of the rare pokémon!

In 1996, the center was the subject of a foiled robbery attempt by the Japanese terrorist group Roketto Dan. The plot to steal research information was discovered by the hard work of the Aggie Hosts. On a related note, many of the faculty here also hold appointments at the Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies.

The faculty here often collaborate with UCI's Donald Bren School of Pokémon Sciences, a leader in the study of water pokémon.

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2008-12-02 18:25:41   The Pokémon display was one of the best things about Picnic Day last year! I've never seen such a good display anywhere else in the country. If you go this year, be sure to get there early. The line to get in was very very long. It's lucky that I had the time to see anything else! —IDoNotExist

2010-03-15 23:00:16   What in the world? —AlexanderHo