Kevin Pelstring is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2012 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

My name is KEVIN PELSTRING and I want to be YOUR next ASUCD Senator with the NOW slate. I am a third-year Economics and Environmental Science & Management double major originally from Washington D.C. and I went to high school in San Diego, California.

Over the last three years, I have fallen in love with the Davis campus and community. I want to be a Senator to improve the lives of all students on campus and make change NOW. I am a former Aggie Host, Chief Justice of the ASUCD Court, President of an OAKS Mentoring Club, and am currently a member of the Journalism club, Secretary and President of the Afterglow A’Capella, and work as an EMT.

My platform consists of clubs, coffee, and more coffee.

CLUBS Having been involved with a few different clubs on campus, and as the current President of the Afterglow A’Capella, I feel strongly about what great things our 500+ registered clubs and students organizations bring to our campus. They provide each student with a place to enjoy their hobbies, play sports, meet new people, and feel comfortable as a member of the diverse Aggie community. They truly make our school a campus for everyone and I believe that we need to support them all we can. Therefore, I want to work with Center for Student Involvement to advocate for more campus storage space, make the Club Finance Council account system more accessible, and make information about clubs and organizations more available to new students at orientation and welcome week.

COFFEE For over two years at Davis, I have grown very familiar with the depths of Peter J. Shields Library and one thing I've always struggled with on those fateful Sunday mornings before Finals week is the LACK OF AVAILABLE COFFEE. The CoHo is open for limited periods of time but when you need it most and you need food to keep fueling your studying, there ought to be a more convenient and available place so you don’t have to venture off campus. I want to have a COHO CAFE CART IN THE LIBRARY (or courtyard) to make it easier for students to get coffee, particularly during finals week.

I know that tuition hikes have hurt all of us, and as a Senator, I will work tirelessly to lobby our administration and state government to soften the impact of the costs on our students. Additionally, I want to support student organizations and units on campus that provide essential services to students struggling to pay for tuition, books, rent, and food. I look forward to serving as your next ASUCD Senator!




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