2035 Lyndell Terrace, Suite 210
Mon - Thurs, 8 - 5pm and some Fridays 8 - 1:00pm
(530) 753-3000
Kim Anderson
Date, June 16, 2000
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Incorporating high-level technology in her dental procedures, Dr. Kimberly Anderson, DDS minimizes the need for painful and invasive oral surgery. Dr. Anderson insists on taking her time with every patient, closely reviewing each diagnosis and treatment to build trust and comfort with her patients. She insists on building a rapport with every patient to make sure that their every need is met and every question is answered.

Dr. Anderson specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to bring her patients the kind of smile they've always wanted.

Dr. Anderson has been at her new office on Lyndell Terrace for over one year and is accepting new patients.

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2011-01-31 12:42:11   Dr. Anderson has been our family's dentist for about 6 years. She is kind and does great work. —Randall

2011-06-07 18:41:17   Dr. Anderson is an amazing dentist who treats her patients and staff like family. Saying she is kind is an understatement, as I only received respect and helpful advice from her. Patients at her office are not just rushed through, but she takes her time with each patient teaching him or her about what they can do to fix their teeth. A great dentist with all of the newest technology! —LancePeery

2012-01-27 11:42:17   Where are all the comments? The last time I was on Davis Wiki dentist pages, there were many comments. I was not at all pleased with this dentist or her hygienist, Kara, I think her name was. My entire life, I have had an easy time at the dentist and very clean and healthy teeth overall. I went to this dentist and the hygienist was purposely rough and rude. She and the dentist said I had gum disease and wanted to do all sorts of work. The hygienist was horrible. I even had nightmares about her. I always liked going to the dentist before. I heard the dentist and another hygienist being verbally really hard on a young child in the next room—making her feel horrible about her teeth. I decided to stop going to Dr. Anderson and switched to Dr. Dagon Jones and it was a huge difference. Everything was back to my normal dental experience. The two hygienists I've seen are gentle and kind, and Dr. Jones is wonderful. It makes me dislike Dr. Anderson's office even more. None of the problems Anderson indicated are an issue with Dr. Jones. —ClairLee

  • 2012-02-02 12:04:23   Thank you for your feedback. We are open to hearing both positive comments and concerns. There are different philosophies in treating periodontal disease. In our office we take a preventative approach to treating gum disease at its early steps rather than waiting until it becomes difficult to manage. In regard to the response about the child, I know my team well enough to know that they would not lecture a child unless at the request of their parent. I am proud that you are continuing your dental care with Dr. Jones, as he is an excellent practitioner. Again, thank you for your feedback. —KimberlyAnderson

2012-02-06 16:13:44   I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and her team. I live in Marin County and work for a general dentist. I also worked for a Periodontist (gum specialist)for 10 years. I drive to Davis to Dr. Anderson's office specifically to see the hygienist, Cara. She has always been professional, thorough and gentle. It makes no sense for me to drive 75 miles to see a hygienist when I work with one everyday, but I do because the care I have received from Cara goes above and beyond the treatment I've had in the past. I also had Dr. Anderson place cosmetic veneers on 8 of my front teeth because my natural teeth were unattractive due to poor childhood dentistry. My confidence went through the roof and I no longer hide my teeth. I get compliments on my beautiful white smile every day! Every person in that office makes you feel appreciated and well-cared for. You can tell they enjoy working together and this creates a warm and inviting environment, unusual for a dental office! I have referred and will continue to refer my friends and family to Dr. Anderson because I have nothing but confidence in her and her team. —kromaine

2012-02-07 11:20:21   I just started going to Dr. Andersons in early 2011 and the entire staff is amazing. Cara is my cleaning lady and she is super amazing! —ValerieOzella

2012-02-18 18:49:32   Dr. Anderson is an amazing dentist! I have been going to her for the past 2 years and have been very pleased by her excellent work and kind staff. I have even referred my entire family and many friends to her who enjoy going to her as well! My hygienist April is so wonderful and she has helped me to achieve much healthier teeth and gums. Everyone in the office is fun to talk to and they make me feel like a part of the family. I cannot say enough great things! Many thanks to Dr. Anderson for her wonderful service and making me actually look forward to going to the dentist! —JenniferReimers

2012-03-30 10:18:12   The temporary and permanent crowns she put in for me each fell out within a couple of hours of my leaving her office, and she sent me a letter, signed personally by her, making me feel like crap for not being able to pay my outstanding balance (about $200) when I was unemployed. Maybe she's gotten better/nicer. (And yes, I paid my balance in full once I was working again.) —KeithRancor

2012-04-04 18:59:07   First of all, everyone that works in Dr. Anderson's dental office is highly professional, kind, and respectful to all their patients. I have been going to Dr. Anderson since 2005 and I couldn't be happier. Before Dr. Anderson, I dreaded going to the dentist. April has always cleaned my teeth, and makes the whole experience more enjoyable for me. She is always very thorough and takes time with each of her patients. I feel very fortunate to have found a dental office that holds their patient's experience and satisfaction in the highest regard. I recommend this dentist to all my friends, co-workers, and most of all family members because I want to ensure they get the oral care they deserve. Most recently Dr. Anderson did bonding work on my front upper teeth and a Zoom Whitening treatment. Because of her, smiling comes much easier these days and I feel much more confident. With two office visits, she changed my whole look and took away the insecurities I have had with my teeth since I was a young girl. Dr. Anderson and her team did a wonderful job, and have touched my life and heart forever. Whether it's cosmetic dental work or a routine cleaning or check-up, I know I am in good hands. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Anderson and all of her employees. She is by far the best dentist in the broader Sacramento area, and worth the drive. —AshleyJDunn