Ben Lopez II

The first ever King of Tercero Benjamin Lopez II

The King of Tercero has a long and storied history that began when the first King of Tercero was crowned in 2001. The first King of Tercero was a noble, young warrior by the name of Benjamin Lopez II (aka Ben Lopez II). His rise to power was swift and universally accepted by his adoring subjects. Ben Lopez II, already President of Tercero H Building, used a crafty alliance with F, B, and M buildings to complete his ascendance to power.

Ben Lopez II found it in his heart to watch over the welfare of those residing in Tercero for the 2001-2002 school year. Like all good things, the rule of Ben Lopez II eventually came to an end. In the year 2002, Ben Lopez II moved out of the Tercero dorms and was forced to give up his crown.

When school started up the following fall, Ben Lopez II watched as the residents of Tercero struggled to survive. He knew that they needed a strong central leader in order to have any chance of making it through the year. After a long and arduous search for a potential successor, Ben Lopez II deemed a young man by the name of Sean Sadri I to carry the crown in his stead. Ben Lopez II set a precedent by holding a crowning ceremony in the Tercero dining commons. In his last words as King of Tercero, Ben Lopez II removed his crown, signed the inner linings, and placed it upon the head of Sean Sadri I.

Sean Sadri I

The era of Sean Sadri I had begun. During his rein, Sean Sadri I forged an alliance with the members of the Segundo dormitory area. Although he was often away, Sean Sadri I was sure to return to Tercero every so often to hear the problems of his subjects and help them in any way possible. Sean Sadri I did not enjoy the universal approval that his predecessor enjoyed. Sean Sadri I can be commended for his alliance with the feuding Segundo dormitory area citizens. Sean Sadri acted quickly and forcefully to squash such dissent, and lived the rest of his days in relative peace.

Remarkable was Sean Sadri I's refusal to bow down to so called other authorities. Sean Sadri I in fact went his entire freshman year without meeting either of his two resident advisers. Sean Sadri I ended his days as the King of Tercero in June of 2003 when he moved from the dorms.

David Pfau

Sadri then passed his crown onto David Pfau of E in late 2003. However, Pfau's reign was short-lived as he moved out of the dorms early due to extenuating circumstances. The crown was then passed on to Joe K. of B later that year at the Spring Formal, where he took the lovely Abby of D as his date. Last anybody has heard (or at least cared to post about) there was no King of Tercero for the 2004-2005 or 2005-2006 school years. In the latter year, royalty at least had a presence some where.