Between Storer Hall and Briggs Hall,
across from Sciences Laboratory Buildings
on the UC Davis campus

While the official name of the building is Kleiber Hall (“Kleye-ber”), many people find it easier to just call it "Keebler ". The former ASUCD slate SOSSS amused its supporters by saying that they wanted to paint a giant elf on the side of the building and get corporate sponsorship from the cookie people. Free cookies for everyone?

Kleiber Hall seats approximately 240 and is named for Max Kleiber. It was built in 1971.

The two benches in front of Kleiber Hall are dedicated to deceased UC Davis faculty members. The bench on the left is dedicated to Wiltraud Pfeiffer, Ph.D., Department of Bacteriology senior lecturer; Willi's son is Jonathan Segel, her ex-husband is Dr. Segel.

There is an underground stairway on the left side behind the building that leads to the front of the classroom. This is the best way to get front row seats and avoid the crowds upon entering or leaving.

Kleiber Hall is where the comedy clubs at UC Davis usually hold shows. Birdstrike Theatre, Cherry Pie Comedy, and StUCC usually perform improv or stand-up in Kleiber every Friday night.

In Fall of 1999, KCRA television did a news story on UC Davis. During a Biology class of over 200 students, the professor announced that if you wanted to be on the news that you should stay until the end of class. However, by the time the news cameras arrived, most of the class had already left. The news clip only lasted about 3 seconds, but the huge lecture hall was practically empty. The professor later showed the news clip on the big screen in the classroom to the laughter of many people in the audience. Normally, the class was packed with every single seat taken, but the news clip made it seem like no one attended classes at UC Davis.