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Friday nights (alternating by large group and life groups)

Koinonia Christian Fellowship @ Davis is a student Christian fellowship at UC Davis that shares in God's love through studying and applying the many relevant truths of the Bible. We foster a friendly environment where those who have questions about Christianity can find answers, and those who are already Christians can grow in their faith. In case you're wondering, Koinonia means fellowship in Greek.

During the academic year we either meet by large groups on the UC Davis campus or by smaller life groups. During the summer please check the website for up to date information.

From the website: Well, Koinonia is a greek word for fellowship. That’s what we’re all about: fellowship with God, and fellowship with each other. We are a Christian college fellowship group at UC Davis, we “do” life together, learn more about ourselves, and figure out how God fits into all of this!

College is a fun and exciting time to build life-long friendships and to start thinking about life. We hope that you will check out Koinonia and join us as we journey through life together.

Koinonia is affiliated with Gracepoint.


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2012-10-04 14:54:31   Came to Koinonia since my undergrad years – I was a junior transfer, and coming into the university as a Junior was quite overwhelming. I went to church a few times before but knew very little about God, Jesus, church. Here at Koinonia, I learned more through the engaging talks, courses they offer and studying the Bible…I got a chance to investigate, asked a lot of questions and got good answers about what Bible has to say. I was drawn to the warmth and the sincere Christians at Koinonia who really tried to live out what the Bible teaches. Not only that I found God and many answers to my life questions, I found a loving community and life-long friends! My college years wouldn’t have been this meaningful if it weren’t for being part of Koinonia! —BoChen

2012-10-04 15:05:13   If I had to pick one word to describe Koinonia, it would be "family." I really appreciate the attention, care, and concern people show. You never feel alone! And I love the fact that I can just be myself. No pretending to be someone you're not here (which gets so tiring anyway); imagine just sitting around a living room, sharing how your day went, eating ice cream, playing random games that make you laugh, and feeling like you're part of something bigger than yourself. That's what I'd rather do Friday night than partying or playing video games at home. And it's all centered around the love of God, which people here genuinely show. You definitely have to give it a try at least once. —PhilChoi

2012-10-05 10:13:45   Ever since my freshman year, Koinonia has been my home away from home. I came to college with that old familiar nagging sense that there must be some true meaning to life, and I found it in God at Koinonia! And I had such awesome time along the way - went on so many memorable trips to Yosemite, camping, hiking, big events like NSWN, small gatherings like dinners at older bros and sisters' homes, moments of laughing my heart out to moments of tearful joy - my life has been so full ever since that time I walked into the first Bible study at Koinonia. God is so good and life can be so abundant! —KevinHan

2013-01-10 02:32:20   ^All 3 staff members —JackBauer

2013-06-13 09:06:03   Being a undergraduate in Koinonia Christian Fellowship as of this posting, I have to agree with everything that the staff has said about the fellowship. It really is a wonderful place of community where you can truly understand what it means to be a Christian. All the staff are so caring and willing to open up their homes to complete strangers, with the sole purpose of showing God's love. I come from a church background, but I never really understood exactly what it meant to live a Christian life - to be a part of something that is bigger than myself. Also, just being able to drop my guard and share personal struggles with my peers, older brothers, and staff without fear of rejection or judgement has made being a part of this community so worthwhile. Koinonia is a wonderful community of God-centered people, but also a place where you can have a lot of fun! Whether it comes in the form of playing sports or board games, roasting marshmallows and sausages around a fire, or going on a trip to Tahoe or Yosemite, Koinonia has continued to be a constant source of enjoyment for me since I first started coming out, back in 2011. —SamSampson