This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.



2710 5th Street (Near the Davis Police Department)
Open for breakfast & lunch, closed Mondays
Tues.—Fri., 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturdays 7 a.m.-3 p.m.
Sundays: 7 a.m.-1 p.m.
(530) 758-1331, Fax (530)758-1565
Albert & Gloria Kutternig

Konditorei is an Austrian pastry café. They bake and sell pastries and danishes (including tasty filled croissants), traditional Austrian desserts, coffee cake, sweet Austrian breads, and cookies. For breakfast they have breakfast pizza, spinach quiche, a croissant breakfast sandwich, and the Konditorei Omelette. For lunch they serve quiche, calzones, pizza, and soup. Konditorei is one of the only places in Davis (aside from Zia's Delicatessen, Bistro 33, and Icekrimski Cafe) to find gelato, which is Italian-style ice cream. If you have ever been to Italy and tried gelato there, it is even better quality here. This place is popular with affluent 30-something age women (think "tea society") during lunch time, and elderly folk at breakfast time. Priced for the upper-middle class—expect to pay about $3 for a pastry item, and $4.50 for a slice of cake. Coffee prices are comparable to elsewhere in Davis--$1.80 for a small cup of coffee, $2.00 for a single espresso, $3.25 for a single latte.

They also have free WiFi; just ask for the WEP code from the employees.

Konditorei is German for "pastry shop". A bäckerei is a bakery where one would find standard breads and rolls.

Three of their cakes, the "Carina", "Nina", and "Layla," are named after the owners' (the Kutternigs') children, while the "Gloria" cake was named after co-owner Gloria Kutternig. Albert Kutternig, who had culinary training in Austria, is the pastry shop chef.

Konditorei closed permanently on February 25, 2022, as the owners retired.

Café Patio


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2006-08-28 12:58:42   Their pastries are to die for, make sure you come in early, a lot of their good stuff (although all their stuff is good stuff) is gone by the afternoon. Some of the best crispy, flakey, pefectly sweet pastries I've ever had, even compared to other nice pastry shops found in larger cities. —TheodoreSuryapurnama

2007-05-05 17:49:42   Their pastries compare very well to those found in Austria (which makes sense, considering the origin and training of the owner!)

I would recommend to anyone with a craving for an authentic and absolutely delicious treat. —KevinGong

2007-06-24 19:02:55   my family of five once spent $50 here just on desserts. pricey, but sometimes you want a posher alternative to safeway junk. —CandiceWang

2007-07-28 20:32:38   Great pastries!! I love their filled croissants, sweet breads, and fruit pastries. Their baked goods are the best in Davis but I have to say that Ciocolat has much, much better truffles. We ordered truffles here for our wedding and most of the guests could not stomach them. In the end we actually threw away 20-30 truffles because no one wanted them. Needless to say, stick with what is always fabulous here: the baked goods! —GradStudent06

2007-07-29 12:43:31   Konditorei is among the places you can go to see townies in their natural environment. As with many townie hang-outs, you can live in Davis for several years without even knowing about Konditorei. Frankly, that's part of its' charm. I especially recommend their patio for old-fashioned coffee talk with friends. Cool even on the hottest days. —JoRo

2007-08-26 15:41:33   <smacks lips> Their Gelato is like heaven. The only thing I don't like about this place? I have to walk or ride by it on my way to and from the gym. SO HARD TO RESIST!!! —ElisaWeller

2007-08-27 11:55:32   How does this compare to Ciocolat? —SandyRose

2007-09-25 20:56:20   I liked this place over Ciocolat. Ciocolat desserts are all mouses and chocolate. I'm much more about cakes and ice cream. In fact, having been all over Europe, my favorite cafes (and best cakes I've ever had) were in Vienna. Although Konditorei's cakes are a bit on the heavy sugar side, I can honestly say, they have the best cakes in Davis (so far). —atwong

2007-11-06 14:29:55   Evidently, the kitchen likes to close early. My husband and I were in at 12:30 on Sunday, but we could not order any food as the kitchen was closed. We left, and so did another couple. —Shelly

2007-11-11 20:25:15   The place does close at 1PM on Sundays and some of the workers like to clean up a little early, especially when the place is quiet. I'm sure if you ask the person in the front if they still made pizzas, Gloria (she works in the back) will make them, especially if she knows there is more than one of you who wants it. —Mae

2007-11-11 20:30:30   They serve the best gelato by far. A great amount for what you pay, unlike most of the places downtown. Served in a nice large, decorative glass. If only it wasn't way down 5th. —EdWins

2007-12-02 20:11:52   I absolutely love zusy! She's very nice. I went there this Saturday and have some wonderful pastries! I especially like the chocolate croissant! Though it may be a little pricy, I think a little slice of heaven is good now and then. —CalvinCheng

2007-12-18 23:52:37   What a lovely place to have a genteel breakfast or lunch (especially on the nice covered patio outside), or skip the meal and go straight to the dessert. It's what they do best in any case, though I do like the quiche — skip the turkey sandwich. For those of you who have only had the Americanized version of a croissant or a danish, you simply have to find out a proper flaky pastry tastes like. It's a whole 'nother creature. But be warned that walking into this café is to be bombarded with one delicacy after another; how to choose when one thing looks better than the next? Take heart, though, one can always return, or splurge on a cake for a special event. Too bad their hours are so few and their location only really convenient for East Davisites. —CovertProfessor

2008-02-13 15:04:19   Their pastries and food are excellent, and if you're planning a wedding, the owner does amazing work with Marzipan and sugar-glass. My wife and I still have the sugar-glass dragon he sculpted for the top of our wedding cake from nearly two years ago - we got a display case for it because we like it so much. —BrianWilliams

2008-02-20 18:49:54   I like this place for many things. However, I made the mistake of ordering a Verdi Pizza. Do NOT go there for the pizza!! (duh) It came out looking like a tiny microwave pizza (thick nondescript cheese and crust) and ALL the vegetables were CANNED. Disgusting. The asparagus, the olives, the jalapeno, the artichokes (marinated - maybe they were from a JAR, I don't know). It was salty as hell and just plain insulting. I was very upset because I stupidly spent $8 on this thing. I'm sorry, but if you are going to charge $8 for a tiny pizza, the least you can do is put some effort into it! What a complete waste of $8. (If you want cheaper and high quality pizza, Village Bakery has the best in Davis). I also once had a soup there that had the texture of and tasted like Lipton soup powder mix. Supposedly it was a "cream of asparagus" soup. Anyway, getting a pizza full of canned vegetables really pissed me off for some reason. My advice: just stick with the pastries and gelato! —Lucille

2008-05-13 16:56:07   everyone should try their fabulous mocha smoothies. :-) —PilarFloyd

2008-05-14 18:52:04   Pastries are great, the chocolate croissant is a must try (if you get there early enough). Their cakes have a lot of mousse compared to the actual cake, but always moist and just sweet enough, compared to Ciocolat, where their cake can be quite dry (especially if you go at the end of the day). —youkai

2008-08-10 22:11:05   i love this place! the kuttiger family is very hospitable! good food and good hospitality —davisrox

2008-09-26 09:26:58   Absolutely delicious - I went to undergraduate school in Davis in 2000 to 2004, and never even knew Konditorei existed! I recently came back to Davis to go to graduate school and I happened to move into Greystone Apts, almost right across the street from Konditorei. I wanted coffee one morning and was running late on my way to work, so I stopped in and picked up a Cafee' Au Lait, and was so impressed, I went back after work to sample some of their pastries. To die for, in a cliche phrase. Like other users though, I do recommend staying away from the pizzas if you've never had a EUROPEAN pizza before, because like the pastries themselves, they are NOT Americanized, and therefore taste differently (Ever had REAL Chinese food, i.e, from Beijing?) from what you're used to. —Aggieanthony

2008-11-05 21:08:30   "Priced for the upper-middle class—expect to pay about $3 for a pastry item, and $4.50 for a slice of cake."

HAHAHAHAHA, obviously whoever wrote this never bought a quality slice of cake before. I pay 620 yen ($6.20) for a slice of chestnut cake at my local cake shop here in Kyoto, and that's pretty cheap. And that's not a "omg Japan is expensive" thing either. —KellyCorcoran

2008-11-07 22:58:42   Great food and atmosphere - feels very much like Europe. Would recommend any day for a moderate breakfast or afternoon snack and tea. —Xenophon

2008-11-10 23:00:41   I was thoroughly unimpressed with Konditorei. I have eaten lunch there a number of times and I find it highly over-priced, considering the portion sizes and the quality of food. Their tortes are rather uninteresting, I would rather go to Ciocolat for a slice. Their cookies are slightly better (I particularly like the Linzer...I believe that is what it is called...), sometimes I go to get a cookie sampler for my co-workers or myself...but the prices are hard to swallow. Overall, I probably won't be dining in at Konditorei since my friend (a die-hard Kondotorei-nian) graduated. Aree rating: 6/10 (I would give it a 5 if not for the cookies). —ArianeMetz

2008-12-24 09:52:55   One of the best places in town to just sit, eat and enjoy your partners company. The staff is friendly. The food is great, especially for the price. My wife and I can get filled up for about $20 (2 pastries, breakfast pizza, soup of the day, green tea), not to bad for quality food. I have yet to try a danish/pastry I didn't like there, (but my favorite is the quark cheese strudle or rice strudle w/ vanilla cream sauce), so I'd recommend just about everything. The soup of the days are always good. —Aaron.Curtin

2009-04-08 17:44:31   Konditorei's desserts are the BEST in Davis. They are delicious!!!!! The cafe is clean and quite. I like to go there for breakfast on my days off. If you are deciding where to buy birthday cakes,I highly recommend you to go there. Believe me, their cakes are PRETTY and delicious!! —kikokiko

2009-04-27 21:23:22   SO EXCITED TO FIND ALMOND CRIOSSANTS IN DAVIS! They are sooooo yummy here, too. I actually liked it better than La Bou's. It's also fun just to look around at their beautiful cakes and pies. They are so fresh and bright! —BrookeB

2009-06-21 02:38:26   This is a gem in Davis! Love the crepe with the berries and gelato. Try this-a scoop of hazelnut gelato inside a stronger coffee like columbian-*sluping the gelato* yum!! Better than any frappochino or what not you'll ever have. —val

2009-08-17 13:48:48   Very delicious deserts. Gloria always hooks me up with some free pastries. Highly recommended. —BenLee

2009-11-17 12:54:22   The best drink I've ever had anywhere was their mocha smoothie...before they changed the recipe. Luckily my girlfriend spied the mix at one point so she can order it for herself :) —GreatRyan

2010-01-25 16:59:06   This is a real Austrian cake shop. They do not sell bread. It makes me glad that I live in such a rich expensive city that I get a place like this. —dizzyditz

2010-01-29 22:46:49   Best espresso and pastires in Davis hands down. Every pastry that I've had has been incredible and everyone that I've talked to has loved the place. They have a very pleasant little patio with outdoor seating. Also their croissant breakfast sandwich is huge if your hungry for more than a pastry! Haven't tried the lunch... —5thAve

2010-02-19 16:05:02   I have always enjoyed Kondorei. It is a treasure. The lunches are great but a small selection. The coffees and pastries are amazing! Oh by the way Dizzyditz, sometimes they do sell bread and it is wonderful as well. —ashleyinthemist

2010-03-04 12:57:06   okay . . . So I heard about this place and decided to get a cake for my friend's birthday. i havent tried the cake yet, but while we were deciding on which cake, the line became long. We finally decided on a cake and lined up. it took about 15 minutes before they got our order, but we didnt mind the wait, my friend and I were chatting. when I ordered my chocolate orange cake, I wanted them to write happy birthday but they could not do it. the girl at the counter told me they were understaffed(obviously), and they could charge me an extra 4 dollars by putting blocks of happy birthday on there(without my friends name).

The cake was amazing, just make sure you call ahead of time to have them write happy birthday if you need to = )


2010-05-29 16:22:35   LOVE this place! croissants are to die for! —KristinAdams

2010-07-10 14:20:19   this place is outrageously good. every pastry i've tried is deeply satisfying in that it's delicious as well as artistic. their iced coffee is the best i've ever had, no cream or sugar. all this and there's service with a smile :D —ketan

2010-07-16 17:19:40   The best pastries ever in the whole world. The raspberry chocolate cake is delish. —JasperD

2011-04-05 15:57:11   I don't think anyone could claim that Konditorei has anything but absolutely delicious food. Though it's true that some of the cakes are frozen before doing final preparations for customers, I've never tried one that didn't taste fresh. Everything is unique, meticulously served, and freshly prepared. The prices are steep, but the owners use only real, high-quality ingredients. That being said....

I refuse to take partake anymore in supporting their business. I used to work for Albert and Gloria, and at the time those months were the most stressful and hurtful in my life. The 4 other employees (who weren't the owners' daughters) and I were subject to constant criticism and abuse. All of my co-workers were hard-working, honest, and capable, but it seemed that every day nobody could do anything correctly, and nobody earned genuine respect. Out of those 4 who were there when I started, all of them left the job within months — perhaps you've noticed the extremely high employee turnover rate. Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism is necessary and welcome in a boss/employee relationship, but being blamed for errors that we didn't do, working extended (8+ hour) shifts without breaks on busy days, being unable to speak up for ourselves freely, and hurtful attacks on our personalities were a constant source of pressure while working for Albert and Gloria Kutternig. To be fair, there were aspects of working there that I thoroughly enjoyed, but as a whole, I felt like none of the hard work, initiative, and care that I put into the multiple months of my employment there was acknowledged or noticed. I respect their business, and I thoroughly enjoyed their food, but I think their treatment of their employees is deplorable and should be addressed. If you support their business or plan on doing so in the future, all I can hope is that you keep this in mind. —LilyRosamond

2011-04-13 12:56:53   OMG Lilyrosamond i felt the same way. i also worked for albert and gloria kutternig ( the other girls and i called them kutterNUTS)they were the worst people i have ever worked for. i didnt realize all the mental and verbal abuse i got from them until after i left. they were bipolar. sometimes they would be happy and sometimes they would be grumpy. when theyre are grumpy you dont want to be around them but if you are you have to suck up or else they will snap at you for little or even no reason. i was always scared coming into work. i did not hate work because the food is good (but overpriced) and the coworkers/customers were nice. they dont know how to treat their employees properly. it was annoying seeing them so nice to the customers then turn around and snap at you. after i got a new job i realize that working there was freakin hell. try to avoid working here or else youll be sorry. yeah the food is good just not worth the abuse. never been back since —anonymousaggie

2011-04-26 16:14:57   Crazy!

I just read the last two posts and had a throwback! I have to comment:

I lasted THREE (3) DAYS as an employee here. Literally. (This was a few years ago, and I was an inexperienced baby, but still, I knew something was a muck). Reading your posts made me feel lucky to have trusted my gut to QUIT on day three. I got a weird vibe the first time I was hired when they mentioned that they liked hiring "european-looking" females... right away I wanted out.

Day 1 wasn't so bad, I was just getting acquainted with the pastries and trying to learn their weird names....

On Day 2 of the job, I was scolded for not cutting the tomatoes thin enough. And I'm not talking 'Oh let's try and cut them a little thinner"— I'm talking SCOLDED. I was almost brought to tears.

By Day 3, I was yelled at for not being able to perfect the fancy designs in the foam of the lattes (keep in mind, I have had NO experience in ANY of this... had never even made my own pot of coffee before). WHATTT!? I remember it was my first time using a cash register, EVER, and she said I was not allowed to use it for calculating purposes... in other words, she FORCED me to do all of the cash exchange using JUST my brain— no pen paper, nothing- and I had to do it FAST! If I was not handing them their change fast enough, I got yelled at. Psycho, right??? I quit that afternoon and she literally THREW my earnings in my face and told me to "GET OUT! YOU WASTED MY TIME!"

I'm all about delicious sweets and yummy pastries, but I do NOT support a business who treat their employees like slaves... So, I do not recommend this business. —NikiRose

  • I've never worked at Konditorei or in fact at any retail establishment, so I wouldn't know about these employment issues. Even so, this criticism of the establishment, while it may have some truth to it, seems over the top. It's just basic common sense that if you're not supposed to use the cash register for arithmetic (which may make sense if they are worried about keeping track of money), and you don't like doing arithmetic in your head, you COULD bring your own calculator. Even your phone probably has one. Also, if you had a falling out with them, then it may be wise to get a different job, but outright confrontations generally have two sides to them; people don't usually throw things for no reason. —GregKuperberg

2011-05-05 13:56:49   I worked at Konditorei once a few years ago. although they did expect a lot from me, I proved myself as a worthy worker and I earned their respect and trust and kindness. I ended up working there for a year and three months. the entire Kutternig family was very welcoming to me. because it is a family business, it's like being in their home, you definitely feel the family vibes and you work in a family environment. the daughters were very warm, made me feel comfortable at work even on tough days. while I worked there, I did see girls come and go through quick employments, but those were the girls that just weren't willing to adjust, or in a more sensible statement; the girls who listened to their bosses and did what they were told, were the ones who came through. on my shifts, I was told that I was able to eat whatever I please and sit down whenever there was time, so I counted that as enough of a break. to me, it was a pretty fair and reasonable job, they never asked "too much" of me. everything I was requested to do wasn't impossible, and as for the cash register that doesn't count back the change for you, I'm pretty sure we all know basic math, and that's truly all it is. and in fact, one of my friends works there now, and she's been there for over a year, and she loves it. holding a job there is possible, you just have to be willing to give it your all. and I'm pretty sure that's the standard of any job owned by people who take their business seriously. I love Konditorei as a pastry shop, and I loved it as a job. —SarahReneeJohnson

2011-07-30 12:29:06   I absolutely love this place. I am moving away from Davis and am sad that I won't get to enjoy their pastries, cookies, and meals anymore. I have been a frequent over the last five years and I have to say that I've enjoyed everything I have had here. LOVE the cookies that come with their sandwiches. The mayor bread is fantastic, just wish it was available more often. —KalaPeka

2011-07-30 12:31:17   I'm not sure why old employees are ranting on the employment in this place... Davis Wiki isn't exactly used for those searching for jobs but rather a good bite to eat. —KalaPeka

  • People use the Davis Wiki for all sorts of things, and I have definitely seen people using it to look for jobs or to fill jobs. See, e.g., the employment page. But to answer you more directly, some may choose not to go to a restaurant if they don't like the way the employees are treated, as a matter of principle. I say this as someone who likes Konditorei's food and who doesn't know anything about its treatment of its employees. —CovertProfessor

2011-09-23 14:22:10   While I could quibble about Konditorei's location, prices, hours, and somewhat cold ambiance, I have to admit that they make the best pastries in Davis (or in Sacramento for that matter). They serve totally authentic Austrian food and pastries. And while their single-person pizzas are not what you'd get at an American pizzeria, they are exactly what you'd get in Austria or Germany and I think they are very, very good. Highly recommended (but come early if you want to ensure that they will not have sold out of your favorites). —ToNils

2012-01-27 13:54:32   Best cakes and pastries ever. Their Mediterranean pizza is also really good. —RoamingDavisite

2012-02-14 14:25:37   Chocolate Nougat is my favorite but the Gloria Mousse is delicious too. —BingL

2012-02-27 07:28:15   I adore this place —its ambiance and pastries, and will continue to make guilty trips to buy that sinful croissant every now and then...! One thing I do want to mention, though, is that I wish the pastries were MORE FRESH MORE OFTEN. Bought 2 mango croissants yesterday, and they were not...I know it's a family business and may be difficult to keep up on this sort of thing, but to the owners of Konditorei: you REALLY need to develop a system or something that tracks your freshness. For me, your pastries are easily the BEST in Davis, but it is a let-down to your customers when they come and purchase an item that is not fresh. For me, a more than occasional customer, this happens about 30-50 percent of the time. So amazing business, but I certainly would be coming even MORE often, especially for birthday cakes if I knew the freshness were more guaranteed. Thanks for reading! —katietakara

2012-04-05 17:31:34   This is an absolutely charming place with great pastries, serious chocolates, fabulous birthday cakes, and an all-around nice atmosphere. It is authentically European — and not just any old European thing, but traditional, take-it-easy European. (That was why they moved away from downtown, to help create a relaxed environment.) The cakes are truly sophisticated, the best in town. I like Ciocolat too, nothing against Ciocolat, but I like Konditorei better. As for the pizza, well it is not their high expertise, but the pizzas are still interesting and good enough for me. After 20 years here, Konditorei is Davis. —GregKuperberg

2012-04-22-21:31:15   I finally went here for the first time and was...actually rather disappointed. We didn't have pastries (not that I am a massive pastry person other than croissants, but we got there late enough that there wasn't much left anyway. But the folks I was with were driving in from out of town and run late, what can you do), and found that the breakfast cakes—marble and poppy seed—were absolutely tasteless. No flavor whatsoever, shockingly so. I liked the chocolate orange cake, but I'd say the orange is what made the flavoring on that one. The chocolate, not so much. One of the folks out with me wasn't overly thrilled with his breakfast sandwich's lack of flavor either. The rest of us had breakfast pizza, which was pizza bread with egg, sausage, bacon, etc. just...plunked on there. Odd way to do a pizza. Well, it was tasty enough and I did like the pizza bread. I think I'm just surprised for all the rave reviews I've seen and heard that the cakes my party had were...flat. If I ever go here again, I guess I'll just stick to the breaded goods everyone raves about.—JenniferRutherford

2012-08-22 10:01:46   In my very humble opinion they make THE best espresso in town. Dark rich flavor that's never bitter, thick crema head that doesn't dissolve quickly, and a respectable portion. Not a watered down version of a "healthy" portion; nope, an honest-to-goodness full shot. Or two if that's your inclination.

I can't speak to the quality of their lattes, mochas, etc., as I don't drink those particular concoctions. I prefer straight espresso, so sugar no cream. —browneyedblues

2012-10-17 11:05:14   Ordered a ham and cheese croissant and a pumpkin latte. Croissant was very good, far better than any other options in Davis or Sacramento for that matter. Ordered another before I left to eat as a snack later because it was so good! Latte was so so, didnt detect any hint of pumpkin but wasnt bad either. Quaint on the inside, in kind of a weird location but worth the drive (or bike). The credit card minimum was kind of annoying, I think it was $6 minimum but just a pastry is about $3.00 so if you forget cash youre forced to order something else, hence the latte in my situation. Cool place with interesting history, highly recommend for breakfast pastries! —cj2012aggie

2012-11-21 09:15:42   Regardless of how good their food and pastries are, i would never come back. My receny visit was gross. There was a mouse inside of their dining area. The owners are rude to their employess by calling them stupid and thieves. A friend of mine used to work there and Gloria talks about all the guests that come in and works all her employees to the bone. Their daughters dont help for anything while everyone else slaves to make their business prosper. Sounds like hyprocites to me. —Samanthawong

2013-08-23 17:08:20   Often come here to try new pastries, which are authentically austrian recipes. Their breakfast options are also very good. Their gelato was unfortunately not as authentic as you would find in an italian gelateria, but that is not their specialty. The austrian pastries are, and those are worth the visit. —ManuelCalderonDeLaBarca

2014-10-17 23:13:19   Because it has been a few years, I thought I should update those interested in on the treatment status of the employees here at Konditorei. I worked here for just about a month, and during my time there I mostly enjoyed the experience. My first two weeks went fairly well- just learning some basics of coffee-making and the cash register. They did have me begin working solo opening and cash register shifts VERY quickly- after about a week of starting there. After about three weeks, the rate of my criticisms (on things I genuinely had problems with and some things I didn't do) ratcheted up considerably. On my final day I was told they were disappointed that I was unable to do things quickly and count out the drawer perfectly. Later that day I received an email saying I was fired. It was very sudden! I definitely learned a lot from this experience, and I think the employers are a little kinder to employees than they may have been a few years ago, but it would be a lie if I said this job wasn't stressful, or my sudden dismissal surprising. —aquacaelum

2017-05-12 04:47:41   I used to work here and once I found a dead mouse under the counter lying on a sticky trap. It was disgusting and horrifying. —mickimouse