This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1411 W Covell Blvd #111 in the Marketplace (has been Rostini & Strings)
Sunday-Thursday 11-10, Friday-Saturday 11-11
(855) 578-7402
Wheelchair Accessible
Payment Methods
For example: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Other
Non Food Features
logo apparel


Krush Burger, a popular Sacramento food truck and restaurant, has a location at The Marketplace. Krush Burger is renowned for their mini-burgers; there are four beef choices and two seafood choices. They also serve sweet potato tater tots; other side choices are salad and fries. Drinks options include shakes, soda, beer, and cider.

Their food truck has been known to visit Davis on occasion, mainly hitting up Cousteau Place during lunch hours.

Somewhat unusual for Davis — they offer no vegetarian burger.





One of their food trucks paying a visit to Cousteau Place. Wine Taps. Beer Taps. 6 slider sampler and sweet potato tots ($30).


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Krush burger is local out of Sac and Krushes every burger onto the grill. I expect it to compete nicely / exceed Habit style spots ~SD

I had a chance to try Krush Burger tonight after hearing about how great their food was. Maybe it's due to the fact this is the second day that they have opened, but the food was unfortunately, nothing special at all. The higher prices, smaller portions, and mediocre at best food does reaffirm that burgers and brew is hands down the best burger place to eat in Davis, fairly priced, well portioned, and overall good quality. If you're looking for something faster, I'd go with Habit Burger as well. Sorry Krush, I was really pulling for you guys and hoping the food would be bomb (got the original and the ninja and fries), and a red alarm definitely goes off for me when the thought 'Hey, i think i could make this' goes through my head when I'm dining out. ~SG

2014-03-02 19:26:33   Had two of their sliders the other day. The pacific crab was good, but not worth the price they were asking. The fish slider was nothing special. All in all, two sliders, a side of fries and beer cost me close to twenty bucks. Sorry krush, but with Burger and Beer deals around town for 10 or 12 bucks, I don't see myself going back. - CarlosOverstreet —CarlosOverstreet

2014-04-07 09:41:42   Well my wife and I finally had a chance to head on over to Krush. I had the Cowbell and the Philly slider combo with Fries and a Track 7 IPA and my wife had the Salmon and Original Slider. It was $21.95 I believe. Yea it was a bit more expensive than Habit or In N Out but we were thinking of going to Dos Coyotes and while it was less food it was similar in price. The interior of the place was nice and clean, beer selection solid, and the counter service was efficient. We had special requests for all 4 of the burgers and they all came out perfect.

The burgers themselves were really good in our opinions. My wife loved the Salmon slider and thought the Original was fine but nothing too special. I totally enjoyed the Philly and thought it was great until having the Cowbell which was outstanding. Happy to have them in the town and especially in that shopping place to add some variety. We don't eat a ton of burgers but we do enjoy them and Krush would certainly be considered an option next time we are craving the cow.


2014-04-13 14:35:06   Restaurant is new and clean. However, little details like the amount of grease and the lack of proper napkins annoy you. The food is pricey and the customer service inadequacy is very disappointing. You expect a friendly, accommodating staff, but at Krushburger you get none of that. The workers look like they were straight out of the cell block. You also have to wait forever with their pager system. —MichelleKwon

2014-06-01 14:35:41   After multiple visits I'd have to reiterate that this place is really good! We have been there at least 6 times and the burgers and consistent, high quality and extremely tasty. Yes it may be a dollar or two more than Dos coyotes to feed two people but we both leave extremely happy with the choice. The customer service has only gotten better and I think they take a lot of pride in making their food here. The beers on tap are really great choices and not the same ones you see in most places! 21st Amendment, Track 7 and Ballast Point? Extremely awesome! Today to top it off, I found out they would make a grilled cheese, small fry, milk and a soft serve cone for my 5 year old for like 4.50 extra. Everyone today left happy and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm addicted to the cowbell.

A great addition to Davis and especially in the Marketplace. yummy —loneshark

2014-10-03 23:10:52   Closed at 10:00 PM on Oct 3, 2014. Hastily printed sign on the door about closing for construction, but said they'd be open the normal time the next day. I fail to understand - was construction starting at night, or did employees just want to jet out early? —zjereb

  • It might be a technical health code violation (this is speculation!). I've seen that happen when it was discovered that a new shelf was an inch or so off of the distance required by law. Amusingly, when I saw it, it was because they had raised the shelf to comply with new code, and it thus put it too close to the shelf above. Some of that construction is simply to prevent cleaners from getting too close to food, or food being stored for that shift from getting too close to the ground. It's safe under typical conditions, but the code is designed for worst case situations. It's often a shutdown until the problem is fixed, and it's an easy fix (sort of like closing down a place until the sofas and tables are all moved around to the satisfaction of the fire marshall). Or they are installing new kitchen equipment, although a Friday night closure would be an odd choice. It's still new enough that there's a bunch of possibilities for emergency fixes needed. -jw

2014-11-26 10:50:18   Really a fan of the salmon burger + the crab burger (we nicknamed it the krabby patty) which are seasonal along with other recipes they rotate through . . . since we live fairly close, the Krush app for payments is really quite cool and saves you money (food credit). They have combo prices, happy hour for food discount, great milkshakes, and the food is tasty. —JasonBundy

2014-11-29 14:36:03   Their sliders are tasty, but not worth the price. A full combo of two sliders comes out to about 10 bucks, nearly 12 if you get the special sliders for $1 more. You're basically paying for a high end burger from Burgers and Brew for less than half of its portion. The novelty of it is nice, but the experience is pretty inadequate and I would probably only come here for a fundraiser. —RomanRivilis

2014-12-03 19:08:29   Highly disappointed in this "highly reknowned" establishment, it's "Insanely tasty mini-burgers", and it's overly priced fare. Having never eaten at Krush before, I went in and looked at the menu, they have a section that details their burgers and a smaller section that details their mini-burgers. Point of fact, they have no burgers, just sliders, so don't think ordering from one and not the other will have any difference at all.

So, all burgers are sliders.

Pricing: two mini burgers and a drink is approximately $7.00, adding fries or their sweet tots bumps it up to $10ish. Absolutely ridiculopus since the "burgers" are literally one or two bites each at the most.

The tots are good, but not good enough for a return visit with the extremely high pricing.

I can eat a much better meal at other locations for an equal price.

Better than McDonalds or Burger King? Definitely, not much else isn't, but it is subpar compared to Burgers & Brew, Habit, or even In-N-Out on every level.

Sweet Potato Tots: Great Sliders: Not worth the cost and definitely not as tasty as some would make you believe. Customer service: null, save for the cashier. Decor: awesome. Location: Great, but Jack's is in the same plaza and much better at an equitable cost.

Overall rating: 2.5/5 —Wes-P

2017-02-28 19:54:23   This place was good when it first opened. Then they hired a bunch of kids who don't really try anymore. The cashier girl likes to spend as much time as she can standing behind the counter looking at her phone, and they are constantly out of stuff these days. If management hires some new people who care, i might start coming back —DuhAlumni