The L-efant House (2001-2005) was located at 712 L Street, named for it's location and the large ceramic elephant near the front door.

The L-efant House was home to Greg Smith, bassist/vocalist of Keep Your Distance (the band practiced in the garage). Other tenants included Suzie, Brocktune, and Chester the Molester. Previous roommates include Ilya (The Mad Russian), Rob (and often girlfriend Katie), Jacob (subleaser extrodinaire), and Matt "I'd rather be at UCLA" Franko.

Aside from KYD practices, the L-efant House was also home to occasional parties, NHL Hitz tournaments, Robotmedia movie shoots, and way too much World of Warcraft.

The only show ever played at the L-efant House featured Unless and Keep Your Distance rocking the fuck out on Saturday, April 30th, 2005. It was KYD's final show before dissolution, with Don skipping work to play an excessively long cover of "Louie Louie" and even longer breakdowns.

The L-efant House was abandoned (read: moved out of) in the Summer of 2005.

Currently the L-efant House (aka Black Hole) is home to the band Olive Drive and a yet to be named metal project. Residents include Kris Rosa, girlfriend Marissa, CormacMcHugh and the Bob. Don is still known to make an occasional appearance.

Olive Drive played in the backyard 7/11/08 with an appearance by Bones from portland who opened.

Band practice, Sudwerk and PBR drinking, and various parties continue to shadow the landscape.


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